Political extremities: A lack of choice

Politics have always been a very heated discussion topic, with academic and the media pointing towards Liberalism as the correct ideology. They usually point out problems with both parties, but highly focus on conservative issues. Let us briefly examine some issues of the extreme right wing for just a moment. They want to take away some of your freedoms reported the National Post, such as keeping certain drugs illegal like marijuana, despite the cultural demand. They want to keep homosexuals from marrying as reported by the American Conservative. They also would like to restrict or eliminate a woman’s ability to have an abortion and make divorce harder to achieve.  The CBC reported that the Conservative government is limiting the free speech of scientists from talking about global warming. The modern Russian government that runs under this political sphere doesn’t let transgender individuals get drivers licenses as reported by the BBC in Russia. They seem mainly to be trying to keep a Brave New World from approaching. The conservative sees the cultural decadence that surrounds us and tries to protect us by enforcing a strict code of morality. Having learned nothing from the Stoics, that the only virtue you can focus on is your own, you cannot force virtue upon other people.

Now, let us examine what the left-leaning individuals would like to take away. Such as your ability to defend yourself with a weapon, as the Toronto Now told us that we don’t need guns. They want to take away your freedom of speech; your ability to speak out against policies that you don’t happen to agree with. Their ideology of forced equality, diversity and mass immigration is compulsory in our schools and debate halls; with dissenters being labeled and weaponized words being used against them to forcibly shut down any debate. I’m sure you’ve heard them all before: racist, Nazi, fascist, ignoring whatever points any critic makes and using ad hominem attacks. I’m sure you may have heard that men are all evil oppressors. This is blatantly sexist and morally wrong to say. Even men who were unfortunate enough to grow up in the politically correct era and had nothing to do with anything before it. As for race well it’s quite simple as Arizona State University pointed out in one of their course titles: you can find out the inherent problem with “whiteness.” Except there is no inherent problem with you, the problem is with your skin, how dare you be born European and the class will examine this terrible issue of Europeans existing. You are not allowed to question it, this new form of Liberalism is as oppressive and intolerant as the supposed patriarchy and authority they fight. They seem to be intent on bringing about 1984 by taking away your freedom to speak out against any non-sense, either with outright laws against such things or by calling you names and slandering your reputation.

But of course it’s for “the right reasons” from both the right and left. Whatever they do will help fix society and make everyone equal; the end always justify the means to them. If I was allowed to debate and slow progress of the society, I might prove holy relics like mass immigration to be a horrendous idea, or even worse, hurt somebody’s feelings. I might also prove global warming to be right. How dare I, prove fools to be fools and stupid ideas to be stupid. People who wish to take part in a rational discussion should not label the opinions of their opponents simply because they do not agree with their secular religion. They need to take them on with logic, facts and reason alone. Something that modern day Feminism and Social justice disagrees with, “your rights end where my feelings begin.” This is a common phrase not up for discussion.

The right-winged arguments are a little harder to conquer. Limiting our freedom of speech is always wrong. Period. Now, by doing drugs or divorcing your spouse you are surely not impacting your close friends, family or children. After all, what’s best for you is best for everybody and you are entitled to do with your own body however you want. Which is incorrect, the right wing argument makes sense when by acting selfishly an individual effects other people whether that be children or fellow full grown citizens. They want to limit that behavior which is reasonable, the problem comes when you over extend. Choosing who can drive or vote based on the morality you possess is a problem. You cannot force your morality upon others, it will always remain a point of debate, one that Conservatives are willing to discuss.

They key difference however is that I am allowed and encouraged to debate conservatives, while the church of “Liberalism” is to remain untouched. How many offensive Stephen Harper jokes do you hear? How many offensive Obama jokes? How many Sarah Palin jokes versus Joe Biden? They are both idiotic and vapid, full of comedy gold. But only one made it onto Saturday Night Live. Although some people are coming around, #TweetLikeAFeminist is hilarious and completely accurate. The other problem is that people of course vote for groups, in tribes, and are reluctant to leave their tribes. Thus the main parties are very hard to dig out of their trenches and the mainstream Conservative and Liberal parties remain in control. Is that the sound of jackboots I hear? No, it’s Ugg boots.

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