Ontario to invest with Ford: 2,800 jobs, $700M

Late last week, the Ontario government announced its support of the upgrade to the Oakville Ford Assembly plant.

In partnership with the federal government and Ford of Canada, Ontario hopes to help the Ford Company secure 2,800 auto jobs.

The entire investment will be approximately $700 million, with Ontario granting up to $70.9 million.
When speaking to the press, Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, expressed her specific support of the endeavor.

“We are making smart investments in innovative initiatives by companies like Ford of Canada that will help reinforce Ontario’s position as a globally competitive manufacturing destination,” said Wynne. “This will help keep good jobs in Ontario now and for generations to come.”

Since 2004, Ontario has been the number one producer of vehicles across North America, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs in small communities across the province.

The Ford Motor Company announced that the cash flow would help increase spending on Canadian-made auto parts by approximately $200 million a year.

“This investment is helping us find much needed capacity for global products and securing jobs and it is positioning Oakville as one of the most competitive and important facilities in the Ford system,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford President for the Americas, said in a statement.

The upgrades to the Oakville plant will include global manufacturing processes that will increase efficiency and allow the plant to quickly switch between models being produced as well as allow for a much faster response to consumer demands.

“The future of Ford Canada in Oakville is secured for another generation and 2,800 good jobs as Ford focuses bigger plants,” said Oakville Mayor, Rob Burton.

Global platforms are the new future in modern vehicle assembly, according to the Ontario Press, and will allow for economic expansion within the region.

“With this project, Ford’s Oakville assembly plant becomes integral to the company’s North American production plans, securing jobs directly at Ford and generating new business and new jobs for parts suppliers across Ontario,” said Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Economic Development. “Today’s investment is part of our government’s plan to create jobs and grow the economy, because we know that good jobs and a strong economy help Ontarians in their everyday lives.”

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