On finding your own spaces when you are new in town

I am ready for a new chapter! Wait, we all heard that one before — what a cliché. Yes, not original at all! Let me be more authentic — I need more. I can do more, and will do more!

I will never forget the day I extended my hand out and applied for more. It was in the late afternoon of April. I had been sitting in an artistic school in the east end of Toronto, and thinking, wow! I just completed three-years of a journalism program. Now, what — I thought as I smirked with a deep sensation of satisfaction — what on earth will I do? Yup —  that’s it —  I’ll apply for an English program in a different city and continue my studies. I do not regret the decision, one bit.

I arrived at Laurier Brantford in August and quickly met people who welcomed me and showed me around town.

Yes, from a tourist perspective, it is small compared to Toronto. However, my new friends showed me how much Brantford has to offer and how you can discover unique spots that fit you.

These are now my go-to Hot Spots. I’d love for you to check them out, consider what spaces you love to frequent, or try somewhere new!



In August when I had arrived in Brantford the weather was hot and humid. I could not sit at home and read the novel that I had been enjoying. Instead, I ventured outside to where it beautiful and nature was flourishing with flowers. I found myself in Harmony Square. I plopped down on a brown bench in the centre of the square and indulged in my reading.

Harmony Square is open and inviting. You can do the same the Square is open year-round.



If you are writing for pleasure or simply writing essays that plays a big role at university then check out the Brantford Writers’ Circle. This monthly group meets to inspire and collaborate with each other and offer writing activities. Come out and meet like-minded writers who are ready to mingle.



The fun and vibrant bar is the perfect spot for mature students who are looking to kick back and unwind. School can be overwhelming especially around exam time. To study for one class after the next is not easy and is mentally exhausting.

Brando’s is located in downtown Brantford. It fully embodies the beach house vibe with a signature Hawaiian theme. It will create an illusion–a vacation-like theme that will wash your mental exhaustion away.



“I would love for you to see it, we are hoping to provide some good alternative for students and we will be offering discounts to students for sure. Growing up I spent time in places like this and it is a good place to pass time,” said owner of Legends, Don Leone. Stop by 20 Dalhousie and enjoy an escape from school.



A local art gallery located at 29 Nelson Street. It features over 22 local, national and international artists. It is a wonderful place to come and spend your time with events such as First Friday’s and GG-PSN! You will also have access to networking events. GG-PSN, works as the equivalent as a job fair with flare – for educational purposes to learn and grow a business.

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