Multiculturalism is not the cure to racism

I strongly believe that multiculturalism is Canada’s strength. It appreciates all human beings, and the fact that they deserve equal treatment and protection of rights, along with freedoms regardless of their cultural background. Multiculturalism shows that society is stronger because of differences amongst its people, and that tolerance of diversity is not a weakness but rather a tremendous strength.
I think that multiculturalism benefits society because it encourages residents to learn about and understand backgrounds and cultures other than their own. It makes society stronger by overcoming divisiveness and ignorance. It also promotes dialogue and appreciation of different perspectives.
It angers me when I hear arguments of multiculturalism making society weak because it tolerates differences. This is far from true. I believe it takes great strength to step outside of one’s views, norms, and culture in order to welcome and embrace differences. Multiculturalism allows for the acceptance of dynamically different cultures, and permits them to live as one commonality.
While I support multiculturalism, I do not agree with the argument that multiculturalism helps tackle or prevent racism. I think this argument wrongly believes that racism is caused by cultural differences, and that multiculturalism would therefore cure racism. I have a problem with this argument because I think it promotes the idea that people of color do things differently than white people, which encourages discrimination. This is problematic. It ignores the fact that even if people of color do things in the same way as white people, they are still treated unequally due to their race, instead of their culture.
Ignorance of differences is a tremendous challenge that humanity faces. Multiculturalism helps deter ignorance of cultural differences. However, I do not think that it cures ignorance of racial inequality. I believe that even if cultures are embraced in society, racism will not be diminished unless society accepts and allows for the inclusion of diverse races.
I think every nation should value multiculturalism without confusing multiculturalism as the bridge that leads to the cure of racism. It is important to remember that racial intolerance causes racism and not cultural intolerance; these are two different things. It is important to recognize that nations can be strong because of differences and not in spite of them.

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