Making the best of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a lot like Christmas, you need to be in the spirit of things. You can be a Scrooge if you’re single and ignore the day. I’ve done that many times myself. But if you’re in a relationship it can be a good idea to try to enjoy the spirit of things, and spoil your significant other.

How do you spoil your significant other? Forget everything modernity has taught you about relationships. Be old fashioned. Hold open the restaurant door, pull out her chair for her and for the love of Saint Valentine make sure you pay for dinner. Better yet, make dinner.

If you’re on the other end of the equation, as a woman be gracious and accept these things from your man. Don’t make a scene because he’s trying to be nice, and to spoil you. If you really don’t like it, talk to him afterwards in private, but remember he was doing it all for you. Enjoy him while he’s still trying, before he gets fat and never takes you out anymore.

You should of course, buy your partner chocolates. Get their favourite flavor, and get them flowers. If you don’t know, just ask! Even if you’re a woman, because personally I love getting chocolates. All of my male friends don’t mind either. Make sure to skip on the cards though, make your own. You should also, and this goes for everyone, make your significant other something. Write them some poetry about their personality or their looks, depending on which they’d rather hear. Mail them a letter, send those flowers directly to their home on Valentines.

I can give you some personal examples. For Christmas, I made my girlfriend a list of my favourite texts she had sent over the course of the year. For this Valentines, I’m making her a list of the reasons why I like her. Cheesy, yes, long, yes, but she’ll love them. Think of what your partner likes and take the risk. Think outside the box, and in the box. Be creative with your gifts, and make sure to buy some chocolate just in case. Chocolate is always a good backup.

Be bold with Valentines, and be old fashioned, it only comes once a year.

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