Living Among the Undead: A Guide to Surviving Zombies

-Marco Brasil, staff

What would you do if your life was suddenly overrun by zombies? Do you think you would have the skills to survive? How would you make a living after the zombie apocalypse? Don’t panic! Here’s a guide to help you survive a zombie outbreak.
When zombies first rise from the ground, you’re going to need some shelter. Your best bet is to build a shelter off the ground as they will have a hard time climbing ladders to get to you. You may want to booby-trap your shelter or protect it with barbed wire. Another option is to have someone on patrol at all times, if you’re in a group. Building an outer wall around your shelter and keeping lighting to a minimum is also suggested because it will slow down the zombies and make you difficult to find at  night, when you’re most vulnerable.
If the zombie outbreak lasts longer than your food supply, you’re going to need to venture out and find more resources. You don’t want to wander around unprotected though, so grab some weapons because the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain. If you have terrible aim, just decapitate the zombie or mutilate its head. Some good weapons you can find around your shelter would be a nail gun, a weed wacker, or anything else that would allow you to fight zombies at long range. Knives or small weapons are better saved as a last resort because they allow the zombies to get close enough to bite you.
On your search for food and supplies you may run into a group of survivors who are willing to take you in. Travelling in numbers provides extra safety, but it also means there are more people to share supplies with. If you decide to join a survivor group, it is important to watch out for each other. If someone in the group is bitten by a zombie, you may have to leave your emotions at the door and decapitate them. Survival is key, so you need to think about the safety of the group. Your survival group can go look for weapons, ammunition, food, and supplies. Maybe you even want to take pictures next to some dead zombies in case you survive, since you have someone to watch your back as you pose next to the festering corpse.
After months or years of fighting to survive, the apocalypse is over. It’s time to return to normal life. However, now that most people are dead, how are you going to make a living? Perhaps you could start your own city and be the mayor. Construction will be a major, but critical, aspect to rebuilding. Or maybe you compiled enough pictures during the apocalypse to start your own “I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse” souvenir shop. It is also possible that you met a soul mate while fighting to survive. Now that you have some free time, why not make it Facebook official?

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