Liberals take Ontario election for 59 seats

On June 12th, Ontario took to the polls, and re-elected Liberal Party leader Kathleen Wynne as Premier.

MPP Dave Levac, Brant County, speaks with a CTV reporter after learning he has been re-elected. Mia Vamos-Yuhasz
MPP Dave Levac, Brant County, speaks with a CTV reporter after learning he has been re-elected. Mia Vamos-Yuhasz

Liberals have been in power in Ontario since 2003. Thursday’s election earned the party 57 seats, gaining  the Liberal Party their first majority government since the 2007 election.

Despite a heap of obstacles in her way, Wynne’s forty-day campaign proved successful, showing that her  leadership prowess could hurdle over issues like a multi-billion dollar deficit, police investigations and  numerous other scandals.

Wynne has offered Ontarians a number of promises this time around, including building better pensions,  completing full-day kindergarten registration, introducing a nine month paid community work and service  program to support graduating high school students, and a ten year plan to invest $130 billion into transit  and infrastructure.

Despite winning in his riding, Tim Hudak stepped down as leader of the Ontario PC Party upon his loss on  June 12th.

Hudak’s Million Job Plan, proved too much for Ontarians. With anti-Hudak sentiment prevailing in much  of the public service sectors, opposition from Ontario Provincial Police, The Ontario Nurses Association,  and Ontario Teachers, catalyzed the PC party to defeat.

“Kathleen Wynne promised very different behaviour for what we’ve seen these past 11 years. She will be  held accountable if she does not deliver on that change,” Hudak said to a crowd in his home riding of  Niagara West-Glanbrook.

Despite stepping down as PC leader, Hudak will continue as elected MPP in his riding.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath stayed afloat during Thursday’s election; winning nearly the same  number of seats her party had entered the race with.

Taking the seat as MPP in her riding of Hamilton Centre, Horwath will continue as leader of the Ontario  NDP. “New Democrats are fighters and we are going to keep fighting for the things that matter most,”  Horwath said during her campaign party Thursday night.

The local Brant riding, re-elected Liberal candidate Dave Levac, for a fifth term.

Levac, who’s commitment to local volunteerism and pride for the Brant riding laid the groundwork for his  camp

aign, built his election platform on, promises to the riding revolving around access to services like  regional GO Transit, a continuation of the 30 per cent tuition rebate, and the development of better  addiction and mental health services in Brant.

“I will never stop fighting for this riding,” Levac said during his election celebration at the Petofi Hungarian  Hall in Brantford.

Despite Levac’s victory, the final results in Brant tell a tale of unconcentrated commitment, and spread  favorability amongst constituents in Brant.

Winning with 37.1 per cent of votes, Levac narrowly defeated Brant PC candidate Phil Gillies, who  received 30.8 per cent of votes, and Brant NDP candidate Alex Felsky, who received 26.9 per cent of  votes.

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