LB Trend Hunter: Rainboots

Photo by Jordan Johnston

Rubber boots. Tall ones. Short ones.  Red ones. Floral ones. Everyone on campus can’t get enough of the newest, oddest fashion accessory: rubber rain boots.

As the weather continues to keep us guessing with one day at plus 13 degrees with torrential down pour, and the next at minus 13 with flurries falling from the sky, there is plenty of wet and slushy mud to ruin your day one step at a time.

Winter boots such as Uggs with their fluffy wool interior are meant for keeping your foot warm, but not so dry. One step into a puddle of left over melted snow can soak through those boots turning your day into miserable damp one.

So what is a girl to do? Girls on campus are turning to a different boot to beat the wet winter weather. Rubber boots are now becoming the choice of winter boot as they add a little something extra to your outfit, with the variety of different colours and patterns. With so many different options and styles, rubber boots are becoming that staple item that can share your personality with everyone.

Rubber boots not only keep you in style while keeping your feet dry, but they are also available with insoles to add that extra winter warmth. The most popular brand of rubber boot that can be seen from anywhere on campus to fashion spreads in the hottest magazines are the pricy Hunter rain boot. These ‘farmer looking’, but totally in style, rubber boots can cost over $200—plus the cost of wool or cotton winter insoles.  They come in multiple styles, ankle length, over the knee length and lace up over the knee. Hunters also come in a variety of colours, from your typical red rain boot to the sure-to-stand-out highlighter pink.

Need an idea of how to wear them and what style you like best?  Take a walk on campus and use your fellow classmates as examples! Grab a pair to keep your feet toasty warm, dry all day long, and add some extra style to your ordinary outfit!

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