LB hockey teams prepare for upcoming tournaments

Extramural hockey at LB is booming. Both the men’s and women’s teams have tournaments this coming Friday, November 23. The team captains are excited to play and have high hopes for their respective squads.

Dave Howe, the men’s extramural captain, is optimistic about the team’s upcoming tournament.

“The competition level of this tournament is looking good, but I feel we have a good squad here with experience,” says Howe, “We need the veterans to step up and play a big role in setting the tempo with strong backing from our rookie goaltender, Ben Brenner.”

Howe also outlined some of the things the squad needs to work on before taking the ice again.

“I think the biggest thing we need to work on is our power play and breaking out of the zone. We need to capitalize in those situations with the talent this team has,” says Howe.

The boys are ready to go and there are a few players Howe thinks will step up and help propel the team to victory.

“I think Ben Brenner and Brian Holland are ready to step up. Brian and Ben played big roles in the first game and we look for them to keep this going,” says Howe.

But Howe was also quick to point out that it’s an entire team effort.

“We want the win and for that to happen we need all our players, rookies and vets, to step up,” says Howe.

The team plays three games on Friday against the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, Humber North and Mohawk in a round robin format.

The women’s extramural team is also ready to take to the ice and show off their team. Captain Brittany Howe had some positive words about the readiness of the squad.

“I feel like we are prepared and have a great team to be successful this season. We have a lot of newcomers to the team who are going to be great additions to the returning players,” says Howe.

The girls have been diligently preparing for their first tournament.

“We have been doing weekly dry lands with all the girls and we will be having a practice this week before the tournament starts,” Howe says.

She is excited for this tournament and believes that her team will excel.

“I feel like for our first tournament we have a good chance of doing really well. We know that there is going to be some really good competition as we faced some of the teams last year, but we have prepared ourselves for them and are eager to get on the ice and do the best we can,” says Howe.

They will play two games on Friday against Seneca and Sault College.

Both of these teams are prepared and excited for their upcoming tournaments. They have worked long and hard and are ready to do their best to bring pride to the LB campus.

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