Laurier Brantford welcomes first-year students

The first year of university is known to be the most exciting and memorable year of university years. A lot of the first year students are excited to meet new people and to become independent adults.

First there is elementary school, then high school, and now welcome to Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford Campus, jump in and pursue your dreams!

Wilfrid Laurier Brantford is welcoming those ambitious students, who don’t only want to pass, but also feel “good” to work hard for high marks and be involved in co-curricular activities. The university of Wilfrid Laurier has shown a great sense for building community and creating great programs for Laurier students.

The students are able to choose from different campus clubs, and do different volunteering from the beginning of school year. The academic advisors are always there to support the balance between studying and volunteering, as first year can be tough.

There are campus clubs for Aboriginals, there are programs at the gym that you can join or help out organizing. There are also clubs that evolve about different cultures, and prepare programs as well, such as Radio Laurier or The Sputnik. Students are able to apply at the constable’s office for volunteering or help out students with preparing notes for those who can’t make it to class.

Students in first year don’t only learn how to select their courses after their own strength and interest and create their own timetable for their day but also adapt to how to cook and go grocery shopping, how to start reading in between classes, although the previous class was about to put them to sleep, and keep up with the class average.

First year means discipline, energy and goals. These attributes allow first year students to become a bigger part of the university and not only their own timetable.

“To join a club at university does not only mean volunteering and being responsible, but also making friends and feeling proud of what your achieving at the end of the school year,” said Jimmy Liao, second year student who today is one of the ambassadors, and is looking forward to be a part of the Orientation Week at the beginning of September 2012.

At the end it is also important to follow your own interest, there are a lot of students at Laurier Brantford commuting from Cambridge and Hamilton, who just can’t fit volunteering and Campus clubs in their time table, some students work full time next to school to make a living and support themselves and others just want to focus on achieving great marks.

“I am going to volunteer, wherever I can.” Jimmy Liao, motivating first year students to feel the same.

Tran Finlay, second year student of Laurier Brantford, guaranteed that there is no such thing as laziness: “There is so much to do on campus, there is no way you will be missing out on the students dancing Zumba outside, or the students fundraising.” Tran himself spent most of his first year playing basketball and going to the gym in between studying and classes. “That is how I met new people and today I have a great group of friends.”

“I am looking forward to first year students, the school will be filled with more excitement”

Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford is known to be small compared to the Waterloo campus. The amount of students does not decide the size of a university. Many of the Brantford students strongly believe that Wilfrid Laurier Brantford is a strong university in terms of community and preferred class sizes, as the professors know your name and completely understand your weaknesses and strengths, which allows students to gain more from their university experience.

Sahaj Bhathal, second year student who lived on campus on first year knows that “partying” is something that no one will neglect. “I went “celebrating” every weekend, it was a part of my first year.” But dear parents, going out in Brantford does not mean that you’re in danger. Wilfrid Laurier University has made sure that the students are safe while having fun. Many students feel safe in Brantford, “While walking around in a group of 4 to 5 people, you meet police and the constables office is always around the corner and open,” Sahaj Bathal assures that a smaller campus allows students to grow bigger and the size of a university does not make a difference, but how determined the students are who are a part of that campus.

Wilfird Laurier Brantford is pleased to have built a secure and stable community for students who are just starting to learn about university life. Each year WLUSU, the Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union, reserves over $25,000 to help student clubs and social events. The student union offers clubs for academic programs, athletics, politics, religion and culture. And if there is still nothing that is of interest, WLUSU gives students the possibility to create their own campus clubs and start to let their dreams come to reality.

Welcome first year students 2012-2013, jump on and look to the horizon with Wilfrid Laurier on your side.





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