Laurier Brantford introducing WLU International College



Early March, Wilfrid Laurier University and Navitas announced an internationalization partnership that will span over the next ten years. 


This partnership will introduce the establishment of the Wilfrid Laurier International College (WLIC) to the Brantford campus.


WLIC is designed as a pathway program for international students who may not immediately qualify for direct entry into Laurier. The program aims to prepare students with the skills they need to be successful in university in Canada.


The official news release shared that the program, “includes academic course content, study skills development, and wraparound social and academic support system.”


In terms of programs, WLIC will have several different types of programs to suit student needs. 


Over the course of two terms and eight courses, University Transition Program (UTP) Stage I will prepare students to enter one of the offered university-level programs in either the Laurier’s Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Science, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, and the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences. 


Upon completion, students progress to Stage II, where they enter the first year of a selected program in one of the faculties mentioned above. Stage II lasts three terms, and upon completion, students will transition into their second year of their program. If eligible, students can enter Stage II directly without completion of the first stage.


The partnership between Navitas and the university was formed in hopes to further one of the university’s strategic priorities–internationalization of Laurier campuses. One strategic goal the university hopes to achieve is having a student population consisting of 15 per cent international students. 


Maureen Mancuso, Senior Advisor, Academic Special Projects, shares that the WLIC plays an important role in that.


“Our goal in the creation of Wilfrid Laurier International College (WLIC) is to enhance and expand international education at Laurier, and expand learning opportunities for international and domestic students alike,” said Mancuso over email.


Another hope for the partnership is that the international college – alongside the existing Laurier campus and Conestoga College.


This will, “further support the economic growth and cultural vitality of the academic district in the city’s core” said Mancuso.


WLIC will launch in Fall 2021, in an entirely remote setting. The university hopes to have 50 students in WLIC’s inaugural class, with a long-term goal to grow to 1,000 students over the ten-year partnership agreement. 


“Our goal is to grow the Brantford campus to 5,000 students and beyond. We see the Navitas partnership as an important contributor to that growth and future success,” said Mancuso.


Students interested in attending WLIC can apply online now for the Fall 2021 term. More information about WLIC can be found on the official Wilfrid Laurier International College website.


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