‘Idle No More’ protest Toronto

Idle no more
Photo by Olivia Rutt

Protestors from the Idle No More movement formed a blockade in Downtown Toronto Friday night to bring awareness to treaty infringement by the Harper government.

“It even affects him,” said Cathy Walker, pointing to her son. “His rights are being taken away and unfortunately when a native child is born, he can’t just be born a child – he has to fight for his rights because his rights are being taken away from him.”

Idle No More is protesting Bill C-45, an omnibus bill which runs over 400 pages, focusing closely on changes to the Indian, Navigation Protection, and Environmental Assessment Acts.

Stephen Harper met with representatives from the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa today, and the protestors in Toronto shared a common of goal of creating solidarity with their partners in Canada’s capital.

“I’ve been a victim of colonialism, not honouring any of the treaties, education, [and] health,” said Philip Côte, one of over 200 protestors standing on College Street and Ossington Avenue. “The Bill C-45 is going to change a lot of things – it’s gonna take away our rights.”

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