How a Cafeteria Could Elevate the Student Experience on Campus


Laurier Brantford is home to many beautiful restaurants and residences. With the campus’ apartment-styled residences, many students learn how to cook for themselves in their first year – especially since there isn’t a campus cafeteria. 


While the food system has many positive aspects, I’d like to highlight how cafeterias could improve the student experience within Laurier Brantford. 


Students need to have an easy grab and go section for snacks or coffee in between classes or while studying. Right now, on campus, students have the options of two convenience stores, Tim Hortons, Coffee Culture or Golden Grounds which all serve the same things. No real healthy options are provided to students and the amount students are spending per month for convenience adds up at an alarming rate. 


On a related note, students do not have anywhere to go on campus for a quick, healthy meal that is also affordable. There is a need for breakfast options on campus since the Veritas Café has closed, and Golden Grounds is working with a limited menu.  


Popular student restaurants in the downtown core tend to have a 30–40-minute wait time when they are busy, and cost a student an average of $20-30 per meal.


A cafeteria would allow students to pay that price for several healthy meals throughout the week. The self-serve concept that is at cafeterias on other school campuses – as well as Laurier’s Waterloo campus – will also save the students of Laurier Brantford a lot of time when they want to grab any meal. Having a cafeteria with the staff will also provide the students with variety for them to choose from for their meals so that students do not end up eating the same thing. 


I do understand why the university has made the decision to continue this long without the addition of a cafeteria. At the moment, the One Card we have works at restaurants like Hudson’s, Nine North, Boston Pizza or the Works. Giving the students the option of increments of 400, 600 or 800 dollars is plenty to spend at the restaurants in the downtown area. 


Having the FreshCo walking distance is also another option for students where they are offered a variety of groceries. Including a cafeteria on campus is just an opinion that was formed during the pandemic when restaurants and easy access food options on campus were closed. 


However, I believe a cafeteria on campus is the one thing missing to bring the campus together. It will allow students the convenience they need in their already busy lives and help them have healthy meals as well. 

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