Health and Fitness: Summer slim-down

Health and Fitness
Art by Diane Sison

It’s hard to imagine sun and sand while winter is in full effect, but right now is the perfect time to start getting in shape. Here are five tips to ensure you look and feel fantastic this summer.

Tip #1: Stop eating junk food! Hide the chips and buttered popcorn and reach for something a little healthier, like carrots and hummus. This doesn’t mean to completely stop eating–instead focus on eating fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

Tip #2: Do not starve yourself. You’ll just end up binging and being unhappy. In fact, do the opposite. Try eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. I find this tip helps me stay on track and away from craving junk food.

Tip #3: Make water your beverage of choice. This is my favourite tip. Surprisingly you can drop a few pounds simply by removing juice and pop from your diet. Unfortunately alcohol also packs calories so opt for a cold glass of water instead of a vodka lime.

Tip #4: Hit the gym! Exercise is not only fun but will also help you burn mega calories when combined with a healthy diet. If you’re new to the gym, try out a fitness class at the Wilkes House Recreation Centre such as Zumba or Bootcamp.

Tip #5: Lastly, be realistic about your goals. Your body won’t change overnight or even in a week so don’t get discouraged. Stick with it! Remember that it takes time and consistency to lose weight.

Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise or eating plan to ensure that it’s right for you. Start now, you’ll be glad you did!


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