Hanging out at Busker Fest

Harmony Square was overflowing with spectators of all ages applauding for the unusual acts at this year’s Buskerfest.

From September 26 through September 28, the strip of Dalhousie Street, between Market and Queen, was packed with families enjoying the buskers’ routines. The fest featured three stages with buskers performing, so there was constantly something to watch. Children had to fight their way up to the front to see.

Buskerfest also hosted a stage for bands to perform live music; many who attended sat on lawn chairs and enjoyed the atmosphere throughout the day. Bodean, Free Like Me, Edge of the Bayou, Ruby Revenge and the Dwayne Laforme Boogie Blues Band, provided musical ambience for the weekend.

The line up for Buskerfest presented a unique cast of individuals whose talents ranged from supporting the weight of two people with one hand, to whipping spaghetti out of children’s mouths. Each busker had an opportunity to perform on the main stage and mesmerize the crowd.

Cate Great wanted to impress the small crowds just as much as the grand ones. Starting one show for a crowd of about 15, the act was able to multiply this number by producing fresh material. Cate Great had the much larger audience applauding after she managed to balance on a piece of wood atop of a small cylinder while juggling three butcher knives.

A small group of young girls were particularly impressed with Cate Great and were cheering from the very front of the stage.

One of the performers that drew in large crowds throughout the weekend was Eden Plus; a busker who would perform a variety of different stunts with his whip. Some of these stunts include whipping spaghetti and cigarettes out of people mouth, playing harmonica while whipping the ground to the beat, and walking over children on his eight-foot ladder, all the while providing a rapid fire of one liner jokes.

Eden Plus’ expectations for Buskerfest were “shattered” when he saw the crowds he would be performing in front of.

The Silver Starlets had some of the audience members closing their jaws in awe with their aerial trapeze maneuvers. The duo would use a bar swing the hoist themselves into the air. The Starlets also showed off their strength by being able to balance on the bar swing while wrapping themselves around each other. The pair was able to showcase many different positions and techniques.

Feets of Fire turned the temperature up a bit with their act. After the duo showcased some hand-to-hand poses, they started to juggle flaming torches.

For those who wanted to keep it mellow, there were many vendors including a face painting tent, bouncy castles and a clown who made balloon animals (people lined up across the entire street for one of his creations).

One piece of information that the buskers always shared after performing was the importance of supporting the talent. The buskers only make as much as they are given and their livelihoods depend on the generosity of their audience.

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