Golden Hawks Around the Globe

Almost every person has a list of countries they want to travel to on their bucket list. traveling is more than just a chance to get some much needed R and R. It’s a chance to experience other cultures and foods different from your own. It’s a chance to go back and learn of your roots and where you may have come from, and it’s also a chance to reconnect with family. This is exactly what these following golden hawks experienced, take a trip with them around the globe.

Legault at Lover's BeachRGB
Photo courtesy of Britany Legault

Britany Legault: “My family and I went to Los Cabos in Mexico to an all-inclusive resort called the Rio Santa Fe for a well-deserved family vacation. The resort we stayed in was amazing, and it backed onto the ocean. We couldn’t swim in it though, since it was the Pacific Ocean and the under tow was extremely strong. We went on two excursions; one was ATVing through the desert; we saw cattle, a roadrunner and the views were immaculate. The other was to a beach called Lover’s Beach which we had to take a water taxi to get to since it was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I loved Los Cabos because it had amazing views, amazing food, and free booze! It also brought my family together, and we really bonded throughout this trip. My favourite food was from the Asian inspired restaurant they had on the resort, for desert, we had deep fried ice-cream.

Nippising to Italy students -KartosRGB
Photo courtesy of Philip Kartos

Philip Kartos: “I went to Italy for three weeks in May. I went with a group of about 40 other 3rd and 4th year Nippissing Students in the Con-Ed Program to teach English. Everything there was so beautiful, our daily walk to school in the town we taught in had this amazing view of these mountains nearby. It was really incredible. The entire city of Venice had to be the most amazing and breathtaking. We went on a gondola ride and really got to take in not just the larger tourist spots, but even the really quiet residential areas, it seemed like two completely different places in the span of a half hour gondola ride. And of course I loved the food, especially the pizza. It was obviously the best pizza I’ve ever had and probably ever will have and I’m missing it right now.”

Photo courtesy of Cyril Tuazon

Cyril Tuazon: “I went to the Philippines for the first time in 11 years since I moved to Canada. I went to visit my family members who I haven’t seen in a very long time. I stayed with different sides of the family since I was there for a full month and wanted to get the full extent of my trip. It was a rewarding and soul searching experience to be able to reconnect with loved ones since we’re separated by countries. The food I ate was quite good and incomparable to the “Filipino” cuisine in Canada. The food there was just so good that I couldn’t help but eat more than I could take. Of course it made my body pay a price and gain five pounds but that’s okay. If I speak in terms of symbolism, my five pounds that I gained is from the memories that I gained that I will never let go of, the happiness and joy that took over me and the food.”

Chesler at Circular Quay
Photo courtesy of Jessica Chesler

Jessica Chesler: “I went to Sydney, Australia for a few weeks, to go and see my family. During my time in Australia, there were so many amazing experiences that I was able to have while I was here. We went during a festival called Vivid Australia, a light show that features various artist that are inspired by different theme which made my trip even better. One of my favourite places I visited was downtown, Sydney. While I was there, I was able to go to some incredible areas, which include the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Circular Quay and much more. I had the most incredible trip and would love to go back again.”

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