Game Night: COVID-19 Addition



For students getting bored in the midst of a possible third wave, The Sputnik has got you covered. 


Here are some game night ideas for you and your friends to reconnect with, while most importantly staying safe.


One game that everyone remembers playing before COVID-19 is Cards Against Humanity. Traditionally this is a game for young adults with a darker sense of humour. However, the online version is customizable so that families or younger players can join in.


Visit to access Cards Against Humanity completely free.


Other great family games that all ages can play are Among Us and Scribblo. Among us is an online game where people can choose to be crewmates or imposters.


Crewmates have to complete a bunch of different tasks while, at the same time, trying not to get killed by the imposter(s). Imposter(s) hunt for crewmates and attempt to kill all crewmates without getting discovered. 


It is an entertaining game that is almost like a murder mystery, but one that kids can enjoy, and adults can definitely join in too. 


Scribblo is essentially Pictionary, but online. Players have to guess what the drawer is drawing before the time runs out. 


It can be stressful with the time limit, but it is also entertaining to see your friend’s drawing abilities or guessing skills. Some people’s answers will definitely make you laugh. 


Visit to access this fun game!


Fortnite and Call of Duty are classic online games that everyone enjoys. These are strategic and combat games that many people of different ages can play. 


Both games allow you to communicate with other friends who are online or teammates. It’s a great way to play something that you and other friends enjoy or are interested in trying out while still communicating.


Another great game that can be played with friends or family is Jackbox. There are multiple different types of games to play like Drawful, Trivia Murder Party, Fibbage, and more.


A classic game that barely requires any screen time is Charades. By Facetiming/ video chatting friends or family, you can create your virtual game of charades. There are always lots of ideas online.  


These games are entertaining to everyone and will be sure to keep you safe for however long we need to wait to see our friends again.

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