Jae’s Spot: a quarantine hobby



Jaeda Brefo is an outgoing and confident third-year Laurier Brantford student from Brampton, Ont. 


Like many others, she has found a surprising hobby in the midst of COVID-19 and the two lockdowns Ontario went through this past year. Brefo created a Youtube Channel to share her beauty and fashion tips while also vlogging her daily life.


Brefo is a criminology student with a passion for film and editing videos. At first, the purpose of her channel was to provide hair advice to those with natural hair similar to hers, which is often a forgotten hair type. 


“I love doing vlogs and I love fashion so I try to incorporate it all together. It’s just so fun for me […] I really enjoy editing films, and I just want people to see that,” said Brefo


As quarantine hit, many people were stuck at home counting the marks on their walls but for Brefo, she decided to create content. Her Youtube channel filmed her own quarantine experience which was a perfect way to keep herself busy during those dreadful times. 


“COVID made me start it because I had nothing to do at home. I always wanted to start a channel I just never had time […] also I never wanted to start it and not put effort,” said Brefo.


Jae’s Spot on Youtube


Over this year, Brefo has uploaded over 30 videos onto her channel, her favourite vlog is the one that follows her and her family on a trip to Blue Mountain. 


“My family and I go there a lot and that whole vlog was so fun […] my second vlog to Blue Mountain was my favourite one. I was filming for a whole week, and it only took me two days to edit, which is not normal,” said Brefo.


Impressed with her ability to edit the video so quickly, Brefo shares that the video’s high engagement also plays a part in her motivation. She loves seeing others enjoy her content which keeps her going.


Being a new member of the Youtube community, Brefo is still trying to figure out exactly how the future of her Youtube Channel will look like. However, she wants to continue to vlog the fun and exciting moments in her life. It is a great way to capture special moments and relive them for years to come.


Brainstorming content comes easy to Brefo as being a Youtuber opens a world to so many different ideas. 


“Creating content is not as hard as people think […] when you are in this kind of industry, you have so many ideas all the time. It could be the smallest thing. You can show people what you are eating because anybody will watch anything,” said Brefo. 


Brefo shares that she will take a look in her closet for inspiration when it comes to creating fashion content. She picks her outfits according to a theme in her mind. For example, for Christmas, she took a bunch of green clothes, made a series of outfits and called it “Grinch.”


“I have a little notebook, and I sit and write down what I wanna do […] I schedule out what I wanna do so that it is noT all over the place, and I have categories that help keep me organized,” said Brefo


Brefo hopes her channel can become a safe space for people to come to when they want some fun or indulge in fashion. 


“I do want to grow in followers and everything, but I enjoy my petite followers right now and everything about it […] I just want to continue to feel happy while doing it and not feel like it’s a chore,” said Brefo. 


Overall, she wants it to be a calming space for her followers and herself.


“You should subscribe to my channel because I put great music in my channel that keeps you engaged. I think I’m funny sometimes, and it is just a good time […] it is also beneficial too, especially if you have natural hair I have a whole series on there, so it is beneficial and fun at the same time,” said Brefo.


Support Jaeda’s Youtube Channel Jae’s Spot,” take a look into her life or learn some exciting beauty and fashion tips.


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