Fashion magazines out, Pinterest in

Photo by Olivia Rutt

With the cooler weather and leaves changing colour, it’s time to put away the shorts and update that fall wardrobe. Coloured jeans and over-sized scarves are in this season, but it isn’t always easy to know how to wear the newest styles. With an already tight school budget, it isn’t realistic to be turning to the hottest fashion magazines for tips on how to wear the newest designer trends. That’s where Pinterest steps in.

Pinterest is the newest fashion magazine that is more budget friendly, not to mention environmentally friendly. With a simple Internet connection, you have thousands of trendy, up to date clothing and hairstyle ideas available right at your fingertips. In addition to pictures of new trendy clothing, Pinterest also shares links to websites where you can ‘get the look for cheap’, and includes ‘how-to’ tutorials.

First year Mohawk College Art and Design Foundations student, Kira Meunier relates to those who want to keep up with the newest fashion trends, but are on a tight budget.

“I love Pinterest. With magazines, you have to throw them out [and] they cost money. They also take up a lot of space. At least with Pinterest, you’re getting ideas from all over the world that are up to date,” said Meunier.

Photo by Olivia Rutt

“What else I love is the step-by-step tutorials [explaining] what to do, especially with the nail [ideas]. I’m really bad with [figuring out] what to do,” she added.

Not only are fashion forward students using Pinterest to freshen up their style, but leading names in the fashion industry are also turning to the site.

Erica Billups from The Outcast Agency, the representative group of Pinterest provided some interesting information about the fashion boards belonging to those found within the industry.

Oscar de la Renta used Pinterest to live stream images of a bridal fashion show in April earlier this year; keeping fashion lovers informed with up to the minute pins. TOMS, who are famously known for their shoes, created a Pinterest board to introduce their new eyewear line, as well as their new wedding shoe collection. Calypso St. Barths hired a Pinterest fashion pinner to ‘live pin’ a Caribbean photo shoot for the label’s new summer look. With live streams, fashionistas can get the newest fashion trends a lot quicker. No more waiting for this month’s magazine to hit the newsstands.

Photo by Olivia Rutt

Whatever the occasion is and whatever the budget, Pinterest can help with outfit ideas, nail techniques and hairstyles, with new ideas and suggestions every minute being shared with four million visitors daily.

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