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Having been a band for only a little over a year now, Brantford natives, Subject id, are quickly making a name for themselves in Brantford and the surrounding areas.

The band was recently selected as a supporting act for Canadian rock and reggae group, illScarlett, and with the big show at Club NV just a few days away, Subject id is ready to rock Brantford.

With front man Dave Mercante on vocals, guitar, and piano, Anthony DeDominicis on guitar, Taylor Kitchen on bass, and Levi Kertesz on drums, these four guys have managed to create their own unique sound and broadcast their talent together under the name Subject id.

“Dave and I have been friends for a long time, since we were in high school basically, and then we both went to Brock and we lived together and every night we would just write stuff on our acoustic guitars” said guitarist, Anthony. “We kept writing more and more, and then we found Levi, which is another good story,” he added.

Dave explained that his dad managed a Shopper’s Drug Mart and Levi had handed in an application for employment that mentioned playing drums as a hobby of his.

“My dad called Levi and said, ‘Hey Levi, you didn’t get the job, but my son plays in a band so could I pass along your email [to him]?” laughed Dave.

Then there’s bassist Taylor Kitchen, which Anthony says he has been friends with forever.

“He’s always played guitar and piano. He’s really skilled,” Anthony mentioned.

The boys have played several shows throughout Southern Ontario, including stops in St. Catherines, Toronto, and of course, their hometown Brantford.

“We’ve played Toronto a lot recently. We played at the Rivoli a couple of times and we did the Sound Academy, which was really sweet,” said the guys.

After receiving the news that they would be supporting illScarlett on their stop in Brantford, Subject id has nothing but excitement in the coming days of the show.

“A friend of mine, Jamie Mittendorf, runs shows around here and owns a company called Blackout Productions. We played a show with Street Pharmacy and after the show we asked [Jamie] if he had a spot for the illScarlett show and he put us on the bill. We were really excited,” explained drummer, Levi.

Though the guys are super stoked to share the stage with illScarlett, there is another part of the show that they are really looking forward to.

“The crowd, definitely,” started Levi, “If it’s an illScarlett crowd, it’s going to be big. I’m excited to just talk to people after the show and see how many people we can get to check us out again.”

The band also has some other super exciting projects in the works.

“We have plans for a live EP. We’ll be recording very soon and it will be six to eight tracks,” said Dave.

“And we’ve just printed T-shirts which can be purchased by contacting us through Facebook or picking one up at the merch table at our shows,” added Anthony.

With so much excitement surrounding Subject id in the next few weeks, it is safe to say that big things are coming for these boys, and they are definitely making their city proud.

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