Fall fashion: Jewels, leather and trousers

Keeping up with the latest style in the fashion industry is no picnic, especially with the newest trends changing as quickly as the weather. But with a few tips and trends to look out for you’ll be ready and looking stylish for when September comes.
It doesn’t matter where the runway is or who is walking on it, the same looks are being showcased all over the world for what fashion will look like this fall. From Milan to Toronto, we keep seeing the same styles and colours popping up everywhere.
“Jewel tones, leather, trouser suits, prints and embellishment.” Says Flare Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant on what main things we should be looking out for come September.   But that’s not all. The Editor herself explained that there are much more things to keep our eyes peeled for, including popular colours, patterns and flashy accessories.

Tant wrote on her msn.ca blog that in Milan “for fall it was an over-abundant feast of riches. The most directional collection, dished up big chunky jewels stitched to the hems of trousers in ‘70s inspired geometric patterns and scattered over bodies of black dresses.”
When we think of autumn, we usually think of dark deep coloured clothing like dark jeans, jackets and even for the ladies darkening their hair. But surprisingly enough Tant explains that not only is the colour of royalty (purple) a fashion must this fall, but also soft pastels like light pink, baby blue and even blush are extending across all collections.  But nothing completes the outfit quite like the perfect accessory. One item that is coming back in style this Fall is the return of the brooch, which has been appearing in many of the collections as well. Other accessories that are making a statement this year are belts, sashes, flat oxford shoes, and the return of the riding boot. One way or another the outfits are all being tied together with sparkle and jewels even on the footwear.
But we can’t forget about how the 70s and 80s are coming back in more than one way this year. We see it in inspired prints on dresses, shirts, and we also see them with leather jackets and pants. But a new thing to add to the list of trends this fall is trouser suits. You don’t have to be spending top dollar and travel across the ocean to find them either. They have been gradually being introduced in all kinds of stores over the last little while and with decent and affordable price tags.  Though that’s not just with trouser suits; if you walk into any store at your local shopping mall like Zara, Forever 21, H&M or even American Eagle to name a few, you can find any (if not all) of these styles with more showing up on the racks, and people are buying and loving them. Whether you’re strutting the halls in leather jackets, pants, shimmering in jewels and accessories or looking like royalty in purple these are just a few ways to help kick start your school year in a fashionable way.

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