Eating right: The next step in getting fit

If you’re hitting the gym regularly but still don’t see the results you’re looking for, you may need to change up your eating habits. Here are a couple of my suggestions for revamping your diet in order to shed some weight.

The first thing you should start doing is eating ‘clean’ food. Clean foods are whole foods or foods that are minimally processed. For example, instead of having tuna salad with mayonnaise, try making a tuna salad with onions and plain Greek yogurt.

Next, stop eating out. I’m a student too and I know first-hand how easy it is to grab a drive-thru lunch in between classes. Instead, plan ahead and pack a lunch from home. Include fruits, cut-up veggies, and some lean proteins. Examples of lean proteins are cottage cheese, turkey, chicken, and tuna. Definitely do not pack a pop or a juice box instead bring along a re-fillable water bottle.

The third habit is to try eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Instead of three large meals try eating six small meals spread out. A meal can even be something as light as a yogurt and an apple. This is a great strategy because you won’t become ravenous between meals and binge on something you shouldn’t have eaten.

Finally, choose one day a week to have a cheat meal or you will drive yourself crazy. Order whatever you like for dinner and definitely get something sweet for dessert. My weaknesses are pizza and chocolate! Then, the next morning, get right back on track with your eating plan.

If you clean up your diet I can almost guarantee you will see results. Good luck with your new lifestyle and be sure to look for my next article on how to amp up your training schedule!

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