Cross-Country team hosts first Kids’ Fun Run

Wilfrid Laurier University’s cross-country team hosted their first-ever kids’ fun run fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 19. 


The event allowed future runners or anyone in the youth community to come out and showcase what they got.  


The event took place at W. Ross Macdonald school and the participants had the option to either participate in the 1.5-kilometre or the 3-kilometre race. The participants were a mixture between boys and girls and they all ran together. 


The most common fundraisers used in the past were either bottle drives or Krispy Kreme donuts. Switching it up this year was a big step for the team as it was different for everyone. 


“This was a four-week last-minute idea the team came up with for a fundraiser and with our race schedule we were not able to do it until mid-November,” said Cory Currie, the head coach of the Laurier Brantford cross-country team. 


For a last-minute idea, the fundraiser made over $200 and had close to 20 participants show up in cold temperatures. 


The cross-country team looks forward to using this fundraiser again in the upcoming future. 


“We have done a lot of fundraisers over the past seven years and I feel this one is at the top,” said Currie. 


This event showed what it really means to be a Golden Hawk, especially as an athlete. It’s not just showing up and representing the school at games, it’s about how and what you give back to the community. 


The Golden Hawks showed true school spirit that day. They allowed the youth to feel like a Golden Hawk and showed them what it really means to be one as well. 


“I thought it was fun being able to compete in a race held by Laurier Brantford and I look forward to racing again at this event,” said Kyle Currie, a participant at this year’s kids’ fun run fundraiser. 


The Golden Hawks will continue to push for youth community involvement in hopes to inspire the youth. 


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