Inflation: How SU’s Food Bank can help

With the costs of goods steadily increasing, students’ financial struggles only get harder to deal with. Wilfrid Laurier University’s Students’ Union Food Bank offers food parcels which include five to six dinner items, three breakfast items and snacks that can save up to a week’s worth of grocery money.  

“It gives you a few meals that you no longer have to worry about,” said Kira Hoskins, an executive at the Students’ Union Food Bank. 

Food prices have gone up over 10 per cent in the past year. The cost of food has been rising at the fastest rate since 1981. 

According to Statistics Canada, more than 20 per cent of Canadians reported using community resources such as food banks to survive these difficult times.  

No financial need is required to utilize the food bank, but students are limited to five food parcels per term to ensure all students can use this essential resource. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated for within each parcel. 

Students are struggling immensely as inflation gets worse. Young people have turned to borrowing money, skipping meals and ignoring their personal needs. The cost of tuition, textbooks and residence adds up and essentials such as food and hygiene products only add more stress.  

Taking advantage of resources like the food bank on campus will help with the cost of living and give students a break from the financial stress they may be experiencing.  

The committee also provides hot meals and easy, healthy low-cost recipes so students have a variety of food options.  

“We want to get more students to come out so [the Food Bank] gets bigger and helps more people,” said Hoskins.  

A lot of factors impact the cost of food. As of recently, the most notable factors include the invasion of Ukraine, supply issues, extreme weather and higher input costs. The pandemic also impacted the cost of food due to employment shortages and supply disruptions.  

According to Statistics Canada, nearly three in four Canadians reported that rising prices are affecting their ability to meet day-to-day expenses such as transportation, housing, food and clothing.  

Anyone can use the food bank, so if you or someone you know is in need of some groceries, the Students’ Union Food Bank will make a great resourc

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