Common vices among university students

As this semester goes, common vices like procrastination and unbalanced eating habits start to rise again which disturb the students’ lives in Laurier Brantford.

“I am really trying to avoid procrastination, that’s the one thing I am trying to stay away from,” said Jarden Simoneau, a first year Law and Society student. “That is something that can easily happen and all of a sudden the next thing you know is you have a paper due the next day.”

“This semester I’ve been writing down a list of all my readings and everything, but what I am really struggling with is keeping on the top of readings,” said Sarah Edwards, a second year Criminology student.

Procrastinate is defined as the delay or postpone action; put off doing something. It becomes a usual phenomenon around university students nowadays, resulting in their inefficiency and passiveness of treating the assignments or things they have to do. Procrastination commonly occurs when students have a large amount of coursework, making them fall behind or wait to the last minute.

According to Simoneau, he is likely to procrastinate when he stays around with his friends, getting distracted by things easily. This is a problem when he realizes that he hasn’t started an assignment.

Other circumstances like hanging out with friends and watching movies on Netflix are some typical reasons why people tend to procrastinate. However, students often have this mixture of feelings after they procrastinate.

“I feel super guilty especially if I am doing something else that is not school related, I feel I should be doing readings,” said Edwards. “Especially when I want to go out with my friends or something like that, I feel a little guilty because I should be doing homework but I am not.”

In addition to procrastination, other vices such as unbalanced eating habits are likely to have negative influences on university students’ life.

While students are busy and stressed out with their coursework or are unable to cook food on their own, there is a higher chance that they might have unbalanced eating habits.

Simoneau claimed that he tries to prevent eating in a disorderly and unhealthy way; he goes to fresh cafés, usually for grabbing a couple of healthy snacks. “I try to stay healthy,” said Simoneau. “I choose to go to some of healthier restaurants around Brantford.”

“Sometimes I cook myself since I am living at home” said Edwards. “A lot of times my mom will cook.”

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