Cheers to the 2021 grads



As we approach the end of the school year, the graduating class of 2021 prepares for their new chapters in life without a graduation ceremony to honour and conclude their momentous accomplishments. 


The class of 2021 is no doubt the most resilient as they have gotten themselves through a year of challenges, from adjusting to fully online courses to numerous lockdowns. 


Bittersweet, crazy, stressful, and unexpected are just some of the ways that graduates sum up this rollercoaster of a year. Despite everything, there are definitely highlights to recognize. 


Regan Robinson, a Laurier Brantford student, reflects on her experience as one that she will cherish forever. She remembers the fun nights she had with her roommates the most. During her time at Laurier Robinson also got her research published.


Contributed by Regan Robinson/ The Sputnik Photography

Similarly, Bliss Donahue-Power, a Laurier Brantford student, expresses happiness when reflecting on her time at Laurier Brantford. 


“I met some of my best friends, created amazing memories and learned valuable lessons from school, life and my professors,” said Power.


Heather Smurthwaite and Annabelle Amadasun, can relate to meeting new people and advancing their knowledge during their time at Laurier Brantford. 


Contributed by Heather Smurthwaite/ The Sputnik Photography

Through Amadasun’s experience, her growth centres around being more confident in herself.


The pandemic pushed many students to become adaptable. Smurthwaite is one of those students; she is proud of how she preserved and achieved good grades. 


Jonnica Hill enjoyed spending time with the digital media journalism (DMJN) class, who became like family to her over the last four years. She also published an article in the Two Row Times and participated in the ACERS poster award presentations during her years at Laurier Brantford.


Graduating DMJN class

Contributed/ The Sputnik Photography

Jacob Fournier was a part of Laurier Brantford’s Mock Trial Club and considered this experience a highlight of his time here. 


“Running the club virtually this past year was an exciting challenge that went better than I could have imagined, thanks to the help of my amazing executive team and everyone willing to participate,” said Fournier


Contributed by Jacob Fournier/ The Sputnik Photography

For some students it is hard to pick just a few favourite moments from their time at Laurier Brantford. 


Shaun Wylie lists being a Residence Life Don, experiencing his O-Week, being soaked in 2018 during moving in day, having Mitchell Higgins as his first year Don, and being a part of 2018-2020 relay for life all as his favourite memories. 


“I wish all students the best as they enter into their final years,” he said.


Being the Faculty of Liberal Arts Student Society president was the pinnacle of Madison Stocking’s university career, among other accomplishments. 


“I improved my GPA drastically over the past four years and realized what I’m capable of,” said Stocking.


Contributed by Madison Stocking/ The Sputnik Photography

While this time is coming to an end, those connections and great moments will be carried on as they move onto a new stage in life.


As they look forward, there are so many pathways to be discovered. Some graduates like Robinson, Amadasun, and Smurthwaite know that their next steps will be getting through law school. 


Specifically, Robinson looks forward to becoming a part of the University of Ottawa. Fournier is moving on to paralegal studies with the hopes of later applying to law school. Shaun has aspirations to get into The Ontario Police College and become a part of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Power will be taking a qualifying year of extra courses to prepare for a master’s program. 


Many like Stocking are open to new opportunities while they go job hunting. Hill is also still deciding. 


“I potentially will do more schooling in post-production, music or business, but for now, I’m working on social media and other content for a small business,” said Hill.


The Sputnik wishes everyone the best of luck with their future endeavours. 



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