Cheer for Fear, for Halloween is Here!



Hearing a witches’ cackle, the low moan of a ghost, and the rustle of trees can only mean one thing;  Halloween is right around the corner.  

Haunted houses, corn mazes, candy apples and hayrides are all staples of fall. The excitement and spook  that puts a spell in the air and sends shivers down spines is contagiousalmost bewitching.  

Both Brantwood Farms and Fear Farm are both putting on thrilling events that leave their guests wanting more. Although not all traditional events  are able to continue this Halloween season due to COVID-19, the farms have each placed new events in  motion in means of celebration.  

Fear farm brings a fresh and exciting twist on their Halloween activities. Although the farm decided to avoid their typical haunted activities for the safety of their staff and participants, they are offering a fully  catered, haunted experience for their guests. 

Fear Farm, is in their 15th year of business and located at 936 685 Blenheim Rd, Bright. They see an abundance of  university students coming to their creepy haunts, and have taken pride in their hospitality and spooky  factor that attract so many. 

“It’s a perfect outing,” said Meghan Snyder, co-owner of Fear Farm.  

Fear Farm recommends their events for people aged 12 and up, although everyone is welcome to the  scareif they dare. The farm is offering a campfire and outdoor haunting adventures, that can scare your  socks off and chill you to the bone. Outdoor mazes and trails are crawling with monsters around every  corner that will give you a fright, leaving you unable to sleep at night. 

They allow guests to book a two hour time slot throughout weekends in October. To start the  evening, guests will be led to their campfire by a tour guide in costume, which sets the mood for the night of a haunted outdoor adventure full of thrills and chills. Each group will have the option to book a  campfire site for up to five people for $250, or 10 people for $500. 

The guests will have the option to order food, baked goods and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic  beverages at an upgraded price through a QR code, which will be brought right to their campfire area. 

Fear Farm staff will start the fire for the guests, and cater to their every need. This allows guests to  visit their loved ones in a socially distanced and safe environment.  

“To come out to the country, enjoy an evening of complete VIP, to be taken care of, you feel like you’re  somewhere else … that’s what’s cool, you’re on vacation, at home” said Snyder. 

Brantwood Farms is catering toward younger children, lovers who desire a festive date, and adorers of  all things fall. Every weekend in September and October, the farm is taken over by corn mazes, bounce  pillows, apple slingshots, wagon rides, pumpkin bowling, a straw castle, and a haunted barn.  

The admission fee is $13 a person, and includes a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, a trip to the magic  forest where you will find Fairy Town, Frog Pond, the Troll Bridge, and the Home of the Treetures. 

The  hop-on hop-off system allows guests to explore the area at their own pace and have a greater  connection with the wonders of the woods. 

Growing since 1990, Brantwood Farms, located at 251 Powerline Rd, draws the attention of more  people every year. Due to COVID-19, less people have been able to visit the farm at once, and  fall activities are packed with people enjoying the festivities. An hour and a half time slot is enforced to  ensure everyone is able to participate in the events in a socially distanced manner. 

If guests prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the fall events, they are invited to pick apples,  pumpkins, and take a look around the shop for any treats they may desire.  

The straw castle and the slingshots are the biggest attractions for kids and adults alike. There is  something for everyone to do and fun around every corner. The straw castle is built for royalty, the apple slingshots fill the desire for excitement. 

“People like firing off these apples at targets. Kids line up there, even adults do …everybody likes  jumping around on straw, my big bales. You can run and jump, climb over, climb under, and through, ” said Tom Pate, owner of Brantwood Farms.  

Although this event is catered toward younger audiences, there is something to attract every age  group. The wobbling bridge leading to the Trolls and the Treetures hidden within the forest adds an  eerie feeling to the adventure. Being spooked has never been more fun. 

This warm and hospitable farm will show kindness unlike any other. The close-knit community feel  shines through each apple tree, pumpkin patch, and smile seen. 

“Come out for the fun, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the tastes” said Pate.

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Cool! Halloween is coming! My friends and I are actively preparing for the holiday and this article is very useful. Thanks.

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