Buying sex toys for you significant other


Let’s get to the bottom of this –  Valentine’s Day revolves around sex. Yes, it’s also about the love, passion and intimacy you share with your partner, or many partners, or someone you just met on Feb. 13, but don’t let the Cupid cutouts, cinnamon heart candies or sales on chocolate change your perspective – it has always been about sex. Born in the middle of November? Your parents most-likely conceived you on this day of love-making. Congratulations! 

So instead of showering your significant other with the expected, like flowers or jewelry, why not get something you know will give them endless amount of pleasure? Why not get something for the both of you, and make it a Valentine’s Day tradition? Yes, you’re absolutely right – I’m talking about sex toys. 

 Now, hear me out – this is just a suggestion, maybe on the occasion you start to freak out because you can’t buy your $200 massively-stuffed Costco teddy bear in time. So, before you run to the nearest sex store and buy the first (or the biggest) thing that pops out at you, take some things into consideration – sexually, what does your partner like? Would they want to use the toy just for themselves or to share with you? What’s their expertise with sex toys? Are they even comfortable using a sex toy? Make sure to communicate with your partner and know what they like, and base their interests and kinks off that. If necessary, let them pick out the toy and buy it for them. Nothing screams romance like going to the sex shop and surprising your partner their favourite Vibrating Anal Power Beads. 

 Some may find it a bit nerve-wracking to use a sex toy with someone else, but remember that these toys are designed to spruce up your sex life, and not as a replacement. A 2016 study conducted at Chapmen University found that those who reported to feeling satisfied in their relationship and in their sex lives with their partners were more likely to use sex toys together. So, a certain toy may give your partner multiple orgasms, or they may find it difficult to even get started without some warming lube, but those are just part of the production – you’re the real star of the show.  

 There are a number of factors that can go into buying a sex toy for your partner – the budget, their comfortability, the material of the toys – so make sure to do your research! If Google doesn’t give you an answer, check out your local sex store and ask an associate for recommendations on which toys to get based on your budget and kinks.  

 Finally, try and have fun with your purchase! Toys, lubes or any sexual wellness product can help you and your partner bring a new sense of intimacy, both in and out of the bedroom. Even if you or your partner decide to use sex toys separately, they can help you communicate your sexual desires to each other. So instead of splurging your cash on heart-shaped chocolate boxes and roses, give them the gift that will keep on giving. 




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