Busting stress with Laurier Brantford Athletics and Recreation

With midterm season in full bloom, it becomes easy to get enveloped in the stresses of studying and all-nighters. Managing stress can come in a variety of different outlets from doing a yoga class, having a gym session to practicing breathing exercises.

Laurier Brantford Athletics and Recreation (LBAR) made its part in hosting a creative event in targeting stress. The Stress Buster was held on Oct. 21 in the multi-purpose room of the student centre and had students participating in a painting class accompanied with an array of relaxing music. The painters were given an objective of what to paint and all made their own renditions.

One of the main objectives of this event was to relieve stress through a different and creative outlet. LBAR aims to promote healthy living not only by athleticism but also by initiating recreational activities within the student community.

Proceeds from the Stress Buster will go towards Fashion for Freedom, the annual fashion show held by students at the end of the school year. From there, the proceeds will be given to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Living in a realm of constant school stress and any other problems life throws your way, remember to take everything a step and a day at a time. Mental health remains an important issue in today’s society, so take any of the opportunities that are offered within the school and always have a friend nearby for those venting needs.

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