Brantford Police had a busy Holiday Season

The holidays were a busy time, not only for shoppers, but also for the Brantford police. Not only have the police had to deal with more common crimes of theft and vandalism, there have been multiple assaults and drug charges over the holidays. Around the time exams were wrapping up in the university community, investigations that led the police to arrests were also being wrapped up.

Two local Brantford men were arrested by local police for having been seriously charged with the possession of cocaine, breaching probation with the purpose of trafficking. Not only this, but the same day over $66,000 worth of drugs and drug money were seized and as a result, two other Brantford men were arrested and held responsible.

Being the holiday season, crime rates are expected to rise without much justification. This is especially true in the case of a man who repeatedly stabbed his brother with a knife. Luckily for the victim, his injuries were not life threatening.

Just after the new year began, police were led to the arrest of another man. Charges were laid for multiple actions including; trafficking of more than one substance, possession of stolen property, and breach of probation.  In a separate incident, three men were arrested by police and charged with the possession of more than minimal amounts of marijuana.

The purpose of public awareness of crimes in the community is in order to know how to better your own safety and to help police if you have information. More information and daily updates on crimes can be found on the Brantford Police websites as well as contact information to report anything that you may know.  Remember to stay safe as this new year begins, and the business of day-to-day life continues.

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