Bow down to the enlightened class


A message to all people reacting against the folks changing their Facebook display pictures to the France flag:

You must all be examples of a perfect human being. Each and every one of you must be reflections of Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama, Mohammad, and any other deity that is viewed as entirely perfect by a faith of the human race. Are you happy yet? Because you’re views on things are all just so perfect that the rest of us should all bow down to you members of the “enlightened class”.

Show us the way of proper perception, oh holy members of the enlightened class! Show us who we should criticize during times of mourning for our fellow man all over the world. If anybody, should we not criticize the attackers of peace? No, you say. You say we should criticize each other for something simple caused by a click of a button on our keyboards or touchscreens. It’s because we show our support for a country, who in the last few years has become a new physical victim of these new attackers of peace. And because of that, we should be criticized.

We have all been aware for the last many years of the countries quite familiar with attacks of terror upon them (Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, the list goes on); our hearts have always gone out to those countries from the first day of violence and we have not forgotten about them. But now a new country is becoming a frequent victim of terror and because those of us who chose to metaphorically say to them “our thoughts and prayers are with you” is the reason why we should also be criticized instead of just the attackers alone? Oh holy enlightened class, you have many things to teach me that I still yet, as a simple being, do not understand.

Now within the next week or so, some of us with our Facebook display pictures currently changed to the French flag will have changed them again to something else that suits what is going on in our life. Oh holy enlightened class, does this mean that we have forgotten about the terrors that France has experienced? Or if another country becomes a new victim of a series of terrorist attacks, and we choose to change our display pictures to their flag, does this mean we have forgotten or not care about France? Even if France gets attacked yet another time (god forbid) simultaneously as another un-expecting country (once again, god forbid) – and once again we choose to change our display pictures the flag of the country who is a brand new victim of terrorist attacks– does that mean we do not care about France?

Can our support only go to the country that our Facebook display pictures say we support? Apparently so. Apparently showing visual support for one newly attacked country means we don’t support any other countries suffering from attacks of terror. Actually, this would also conclude that visually showing our support for victims of terrorist attacks claims that we do not care about victims of any other crime. Because we currently visually support victims of terrorist attacks, that must mean we do not support the everyday victims of murder, rape, torture, harassment, and any other crime you can think of. Does it not, oh holy enlightened class? Can I not support victims of terrorist attacks at the same time as being aware of all the other horrors this world has to offer and remain sympathetic for those victims as well? Can I not show my support for one suffering country, and at the same time be supportive and sympathetic to another suffering country although I have not visually displayed it?

Well I did (at the click of a button) change my Facebook display picture to the France flag. I guess this means my thoughts and prayers do not also go to the attack victims in Lebanon, Iraq, or Syria. And it also must mean I’m not sympathetic to the hurricane victims in Mexico or the earthquake victims in Japan. It must also mean that I, as a simple being, am only capable of showing support and sympathy for one issue at a time. I truly did not know this about myself. I always believed my thoughts and feelings extended beyond what my words, actions, and/or digital representations could convey at one point in time. I guess, according to the holy enlightened class, I was and I am wrong

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