Behind the Scenes of the BlackPrint Gala


The Black Student Collective is a safe haven for Black students alike, however it is welcomed to all students regardless of their ethnicity or race. 

“[This collective] is a way for people to get acquainted with like minded people, people of the same experiences, a place for conversation about our community where we can lean on each other,” said Nklelle Wright, a fourth year student who is the head coordinator of the association. 

Wright emphasizes how being in a predominantly white school this is important.  

This year, the association hosted the “BlackPrint Gala”, on April 2nd 2022, which highlighted not only the talented Black students here at Laurier, but years of Black excellence. The theme of this gala is called “The BlackPrint” because it is a spin on “The BluePrint”.

Wright says this theme was inspired through the fact that to a certain extent people negate Black culture, and Black people are somewhat trendsetters.

“Through the years our people have influenced a brighter range of cultures and people, and this gala will take us through centuries of Black excellence” said Wright.

According to Wright, a lot of the executives on the team have been around since the beginning of this organization, they have watched it flourish from the group it once was to the amazing collective it is now, therefore, this gala is their Last HOORAY! These incredibly hard-working individuals wanted to put a stamp on things. 

“The gala was originally supposed to be in February for Black History Month, but due to COVID that wasn’t possible,” said Wright. “Alex, our president, hard fought for this. She’s had to go through more than any president because of the environment, and she didn’t give up regardless..  

Wright expressed that the main goal of the gala was to make people smile and enjoy themselves. 

“We don’t want to appear perfect, but our main priority is the guests and making sure they turn up… you  can expect good food,…real good soul food…good music! Good DJ!. expect some good fashion and an all around good time!” 

Wright shared she is most excited to see people excited, and to witness the final project and she has no doubt in her mind that everybody will enjoy themselves!

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