An open letter concerning new WLUSU re-structure

I believe that this new proposed structure for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union is nothing more but regressing towards how the structure originally was. Having a multi-campus governance structure is well and good, but the way to do it is NOT to take more responsibility away from Brantford, but to give it MORE.

We have a very cohesive, functioning management team in Brantford. Clearly this is something that Waterloo has refused to see. This new structure has evidently deviated from what students have expressed they want to see, and becomes a hand against Brantford representation and, ultimately, the growth of Brantford campus. This path, parallel with the dissolution of the Brantford Campus Council, is a literal affront to the Students’ Union’s first and foremost end: “Representation and advocacy to parties internal and external to the University”. I would like to know if WLUSU has taken into consideration the approximately 3000 students at the Brantford campus.

As someone who has dedicated years to WLUSU, I am incredibly disappointed. The dictation of this farfetched idea is only described as ‘appalling’, at least in my eyes. Partially because it essentially eliminates the voice of Brantford students, but also because, as a student who studies business, this is the complete opposite way to go in order to achieve multi-campus governance.


 Nick Savage

 External Affairs Coordinator

WLUSU Brantford

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