Access Storage Sports and Entertainment Complex is Closing Its Doors

large sign advertising for access storage and side of the road sign advertising for a soccer team registration

Photo contributed by Jeremy Vyn

Access Storage Sports and Entertainment Complex is closing its doors permanently near the end of the year, leaving teams scrambling to relocate.

At the end of this year, Access Storage Sports and Entertainment Complex is permanently shutting its doors to use the space for extra storage. The space was primarily used for indoor soccer leagues and other leagues around Brantford.

“Access has been gracefully letting us keep our rink there until we find a new location for it, but we won’t be running a winter season,” said Dan Gilbert, the owner of Ball Hockey International. “I was told everyone had to be out by December 31.”

Not only does this closure leave Ball Hockey International left with nowhere to play, but it also leaves Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford varsity soccer team struggling to find a new area in the future.

Finding a new place in such short notice is always difficult, but luckily for Laurier, the complex is letting them use the area until December 31.

“We have our turf booked up until December,” said Kristin Fernandes, the manager of interuniversity sport and recreation at Laurier.

Laurier is still unsure where they are going to practice after December, but have a new location they hope to rent out for the future.

“We will be looking at going to Paris if we can’t locate anything else local in Brantford,” said Fernandes.

Access Storage Sports and Entertainment Complex was local and easily accessible, about a seven minute drive for Laurier’s Brantford campus. Turf practices in Paris might cause a traveling issue for athletes and coaches. If that is the case, Laurier has other options until a permanent location has been finalized.

“Might be a lack of turf practices, but we would compensate by having gym practices,” said Fernandes.

Access Storage Sports and Entertainment Complex has been filled with memories from leagues all around Brantford and it’s sad to see it close down for extra storage space.

This short notice leaves teams around the city hurrying to find a new location to call home.

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