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Trying to go out to do something can be a little challenging now due to COVID-19. That does not mean that there is nothing to do, while still following safety procedures. 


In Brantford there are plenty of places to explore while staying safe. Here are ten things that students can do in Brantford during the COVID-19 season.


Whether you are a student living on residence, in student housing or off campus, every Laurier student knows of Harmony Square. Everyone has different memories and experiences with Harmony Square.


It is a great plaza with Coffee Culture and MoonTea being the two most popular places. Coffee Culture makes delicious drinks ranging from coffee to smoothies, and creating sandwiches that appeal to everyone’s taste buds.


The seating area inside and outside are open to the public, so, if you ever need a nice place to study or catch up with friends, Coffee Culture is highly recommended.


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If coffee is not your cup of tea, then pop over to MoonTea and pick up a bubble tea drink. It’s right next door to Coffee Culture in Harmony Square. 


There is no seating available at MoonTea unfortunately, but that does not mean the party is over. There are benches set up all over Harmony Square. 


Pictures by the water fountain surrounded with the beautiful flowers are always Instagram worthy; so be sure to check out the adorable water fountain.


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Some of those things may not be possible once the weather begins to cool down. Not to worry though, because during the winter season Harmony Square becomes a skating rink.


A great activity to do with friends or familypop into Coffee Culture before to grab yourself a nice hot chocolate to complete your winter experience.  


To really get the Brantford experience and discover new things, just walk a little past Harmony Square to find some cute restaurants, don’t not forget to grab a bite to eat.


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Loonies and Sip n Dine are great examples of places to grab a quick bite.


Loonies’ specialty is poutine. Sip n Dine serves a variety of food from burgers, fries to pizza and wings. Delicious, warm and comforting food to chow down is what you need, especially since the weather is starting to get cold. 


Let’s say, one night a group of you and your friends or family want to go out to dinner. 


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There is an adorable little restaurant known as The Blue Dog Cafe. It is a seven minute drive, or a twenty minute walk from downtown Brantford. They have a variety of food options and are open during breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.


To walk off all that food, why not visit some historical sites? There are many monuments throughout the Brantford community.


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There is one right in the centre of the Laurier Brantford campus. A monument in memory of all the Indigenous people who were killed on their own land. 


Walking even further now, you can find another monument statue on the outskirts of downtown Brantford and a nice subdivision community. There is so much history in the city of Brantford and many monuments spread throughout to help educate the people of Brantford.


For instance, there is a community centre in honour of ‘the great one’, Wayne Gretzky. He grew up in Brantford, along with a plaque and a beautiful garden in honour of Alexander Graham Bell.


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Check out the Brantwood farms, where you can either pick up some nice, fresh groceries or have a fun day on the farm. There are many different activities that are all family friendly. A train ride, wagon rides, apple picking and pumpkin picking. 


The fall season is not over yet so apple and pumpkin picking photos are still on the table. It’s what makes up the fall season. Live out everyone’s fall dreams and experience the farm first hand, then post this memorable, amazing experience to the world.


© Varsha Sriganesh, The Sputnik Photography


Grand River is a popular place where people go to hangout either during the day or night but, if you really want to end the day on a good note, the sunset is ten times more beautiful if viewed by the river. 


The colours of the sky reflecting on the water have a calming effect that no one can really explain. To make it even more soothing, it is a great place for stargazing. Which sounds like a great way to finish off a day.


Brantford may seem small and boring at first, but by just going outside to get fresh air, you will be surprised by what you will discover. 


There is plenty to still do in Brantford—and yes, all these places are still open and are allowing people in with the standard COVID-19 protocols. 


No need to worry, everyone is making sure that they are healthy and everyone else stays healthy and well.


Have fun exploring.

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