The Versatile Edge of Fashion: 2013 brings colourless trends

Photo by Elizabeth Medeiros
Photo by Elizabeth Medeiros

Another year has come and gone, which can only mean that new fashion trends are upon us. Fashionistas like myself have just finished cramming our closets full of expensive stylish 2012 trendy clothing, only to realize that with the new year now upon us, our style is soon to be outdated. Last year was the trend of bold statement clothing leaving you to stand out in a crowd full of people. 2012 was full of colours and bold fashion prints. Skinny coloured denim was all over fashion magazines and the runway in 2012 along with sheer chiffon blouses, high-wasted pants and wedge heels. 2012 fashion lovers also stocked their closets full of punk studded clothing to create an illusion of rocker chic. Another popular 2012 trend was the dark skinny denim paired with a nude stiletto heel. Although popular in 2012, this is a basic look is a classic that can be seen on many celebrities such as Lauren Conrad and actress Jennifer Aniston, and is sure to creep its way into the 2013 trends as well.

This year has promised to stir the fashion pot, creating a whole new look to achieve. Black and white stripes are taking over this 2013 spring leaving the bold colours behind. Bold stripes are going to be the new fashion statement over last’s years bold floral and colourful shape patterns.

Black and White Beauty
Photo by Elizabeth Medeiros

As the summer of 2013 shines upon us, there will be less skin showing as Bermuda shorts were all over the runway for up and coming 2013 lines, replacing the jean short-short look. Peek-a-boo cutouts are also making their way into the 2013 fashion trends, meaning less cleavage due to plunging necklines and more back and ribs being exposed. Move over Ray-bans! These popular sunglasses are being pushed out of the way as statement sunglasses are to become the new popular trend. Different shapes and colours of glasses were all over the runways, creating a new unique individual look for beach goers.

Ladies, your feet will be happy to know that sky-high stilettos and high wedges were replaced on this year’s 2013 runways with stylish flats and low bulky heels. No more struggling to walk or smiling through the aches and pains that unrealistic and unpractical stilettos create.

As with all trends, the fashion world is constantly changing and re-creating itself. As of right now the 2013 spring and summer trends have been set out in stone, but it is hard to say if these styles will be acceptable by clothing lovers and will catch on. So just in case, hold on to those jean booty shorts and your 2012 trendy clothing, because you just never know what will stay in style and what will catch on in the future. Styles always make there way back into fashion’s shifting and dynamic world.

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