The motivation behind the mo’

Photo by Olivia Rutt


Jensen Stanley

Q: What does Movember mean to you?

A: Changing the face of men’s health. Raising money for prostate cancer research.


Q: Who is your biggest motivation and why?

A: My dad, diagnosed last November 14th with prostate cancer. He finished radiation and is still going through treatment, so I decided to grow out my mo this year even more, and raise even more money this year.


Q: What is your goal this month?

A: My goal is raise about $1000. Last year we raised $600. We’re a little over $900 right now. And to grow a beautiful ’stache.


Q: What is the name you’ve given your ‘stache this year?

A: It’s the monkey tail. I asked people what they wanted to see, and I got the most votes for the monkey tail.


Q: How many years have you been doing Movember for?

A: This is my second year of actually raising funds. My first year I just grew the ‘stache to show the support.


Q: What advice do you have for other people participating in Movember?

A: Grow your moustache out even if it’s a dirt stasche or peach fuzz. Ladies can be mo sistas by supporting their mo bros by helping fundraise, spread the word, make a page on Movember, raise money, and help people understand what prostate cancer is.

Q: What is the biggest highlight of Movember?

A: The Movember gala party at the end is always a good time. We all just party and celebrate Movember, and they give out different awards for moustaches and costumes. I might go as a guy on safari this year, so I might dye my moustache black and white, like a lemur. Last year there was the Riddler with a question mark as his moustache.


Q: Who do you idolize in moustachery?

A: How about Zach Galifianakis from the Hangover. He has a really luscious beard. Or Rob Swanson from Parks and Recreation.


Q: Do you find you have reached your peak intelligence by the end of Movember?

A: Of course I do. Being able to twirl something that’s on my top lip activates my brain cells, helping me to focus better and come up with better, more intelligent answers.

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