The 25th anniversary rerelease of Titanic

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The 90’s movie Titanic will return to theatres on Feb. 10 for the film’s 25th anniversary. 

If you have ever wanted the chance to see Titanic at the movie theatre, 2023 is the year. A remastered version of one of the greatest action romance films of all time will be rereleased globally this February after 25 years. The iconic movie directed by James Cameron is considered monumental even today. It can be predicted that theatres will be as full for Titanic remastered as they were on the film’s opening night in 1997.   

Titanic is an award-winning historical fiction movie about the sinking of the “unsinkable” ship called the Titanic after colliding with an iceberg. It revolves around the fictional romance of Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and Rose Dewitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet. 

According to Box Office Mojo, Titanic made more than $28 million in its opening weekend and over $1 billion after its worldwide release on Dec.19, 1997. The movie gradually became a huge success and today, is undoubtedly considered one of the best classic romance films of all time. 

More exciting news is that National Geographic will soon release a documentary, Titanic: 25 Years Later, investigating (spoilers ahead!) whether Jack, the beloved main character of Titanic, might have been able to survive the shipwreck, a long-lived debate about this film. National Geographic uses scientific research and experiments to evaluate the chances of Jack surviving if he had followed Rose onto the floating door after the ship sank. 

Whether or not the evidence presented in the documentary is convincing, fans will continue to mourn the future that Jack and Rose could have had, which is what makes Titanic such an affecting film. However, Cameron explains that Jack and Rose are not the only storyline that makes the movie emotional. The representation of a tragic historical event is an integral part as well. 

“Now I look at the whole thing from a perspective of loss and grief—what the people went through, [who] survived and lived with survivor’s guilt,” Cameron said in a recent interview with SiriusXM, looking back on the movie he directed 25 years ago. 

DiCaprio and Winslet both portray their characters perfectly in Titanic and are very loved for the film to this day. Though both actors have starred in many other movies since, their respective roles in Titanic will always be career-defining. 

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