Re: “Filling the coffers of those that feed the hungry” by Kiley Bell – from The Sputnik, March 16

I was flat-out excited when I read this article. Kiley’s story about getting involved in St. Andrew’s Church’s Soup for the Soul program is so encouraging, and I’m glad that other students had a chance to read it.

Community volunteering is an amazing way to stretch your worldview, gain valuable experience for future employment, and serve a program or organization that could use your help. There really is something for everyone, even if you might only have a little bit of time to offer.

Check out local news stories, Laurier and Nipissing’s weekly news updates, and even ask your friends where they have done CSL placements to find a place that’s right for you. Many of the faculty who live in Brantford could point you to some cool places, too. If you’d prefer working with more students, there are tons of opportunities on campus, as well. It’s never too late to get involved, whether you’re in your 1st year or your 5th year.

Because we are students of Laurier Brantford’s intimate, integrated campus, I would argue that we have even more options than most undergrads in Ontario. Spending time volunteering has so many benefits for everyone involved. It may even help you to refine your career goals!

  • Rebecca Vandekemp

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