It’s time to grow up

Dear Laurier Brantford,

Since you’re a busy little campus, I will get straight to my point: please let Laurier Brantford grow independent of the Waterloo campus. While I understand the importance of unity between the two campuses, there are some changes that need to be made.

First, I’m really sick of getting e-mails sent to my MyLaurier email account that talk about the exciting events going on in Waterloo. It’s misleading and inevitably crushing when I get interested in an event before I realize that it’s at the main campus. What’s the point of tempting us with these events when they’re scheduled at noon on Wednesday at the Waterloo campus? Wouldn’t it be more practical to stop emailing us about things that aren’t available to us?

Second, I would really like a change to be made to LORIS. On multiple occasions, I have seen an interesting class with a professor I absolutely love, and it’s even on the right day at the right time! Do you know how rare that is? A grin graces my face as I’m about to register…and then I realize it’s a class at the Waterloo campus. Why do you do that to us? Shouldn’t we have separate registration portals?

I realize how this sounds. I understand that I could just transfer to the main campus if I wanted to participate in their events and attend their classes. But the truth is, I like the Brantford campus. I like walking down the street and recognizing a majority of the faces I see (although I’m kind of bad at recognizing first year students, aside from that boy who looks like Robert Pattinson.) I like that every Thursday, people are going to either NV or Jackhammers. I enjoy that it’s easy to bond with professors if you take the time to talk to them once or twice after class. I like that in between classes, people are either at the library, the student centre or chilling at Williams. I’m comfortable at this campus and I really wouldn’t change very much about it.

But for the love of God (or whatever else you believe in), please let us gain our independence. If the Waterloo campus were our mother, then this campus would be her teenager screaming, “Just wait until I am old enough! Soon I’ll be on my own and I won’t need you anymore!”
Brantford, the time has come, and it’s time to grow up.

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