Blasting through excuses

I don’t have time to exercise.

I make time.

Balancing one’s schedule is a constantly evolving art. Working out tends to be easy to de-prioritize, coming second to the un-negotiables: things like classes, reading, Dexter, work, and partying. Not necessarily in that order. It seems that, as students, we would rather spend five hours (conservative estimate) binge drinking and eating fried food than one hour sweating it out at the gym. Eating habits aside, falling off the fit bus comes down to two main factors in a student’s life: a painfully packed schedule and excuse-mongering.

26-hour day? Yes please.

Finding creative ways to fit a workout into your schedule is half the battle, so a more efficient workout is your best weapon. Burning the most calories and building the most muscle in the least amount of time takes practice and creativity. Instead of an hour-long jog, try 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training. Plow through a few chapters of a textbook during your 45-minute bike session. Stationary bike, that is. I would avoid this approach on the road.

“But my iPod isn’t charged.”

Poor example, because I wouldn’t go to the gym without music, either. Solution: keep it charged! You wouldn’t let your phone die, so do the same with your iPod – your physique depends on it. No clean socks or sports bra? Deal with it. Freshly laundered anything won’t smell mountain fresh by the end of a workout anyway. With a few exceptions, every excuse can be prevented or shot down, in a violent manner if necessary.

And even if you realize halfway through your killer leg workout that you have a class in Carnegie the next day, don’t let visions of that epic front staircase de-motivate you. Man up and wear your post-workout hobble with pride.

Or take the elevator.

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