Famous Psychics: Chip Coffey

Perhaps best known for his on-camera work on A&E’s Paranormal State, Chip Coffey is quickly becoming one of the best-known contemporary examples of a psychic.

During his career, which began in early 2001, he has worked on various television shows, including Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, both of which air on A&E. According to his website (chipcoffeey.com), he has also done over 10,000 readings since making his services available to the public. Before working as a psychic, Coffey had successful careers in counseling, the entertainment industry and travel management.

Outside of being a medium, Coffey writes in such publications as The Haunted Times, for which he was the featured writer in winter of 2007. He has been featured in other magazines, such as People and InStyle, and numerous TV shows, including Larry King Live and Entertainment Tonight. On top of television appearances and writing articles, Coffey is currently on a tour called “Coffey Time” across the United States and Canada. The tour includes Coffey talking to fans and answering questions, as well as offering readings to attendees, although his website warns not everyone will receive a reading. More regularly, Coffey offers half-hour readings, by telephone only, for $200. He also offers “crossovers” and spirit contacts for around $500 for 30-40 minutes.

Despite his popularity, Coffey’s work has not been without its critics. Blogger and amateur scientist, Brian Thompson, began attacking Coffey’s credibility as a psychic on amateurscientist.org, beginning a campaign called “Operation Coffey Roast.” He has accused Coffey of using fraudulent testimonials on his website; lying about his supposed Cherokee great-grandmother’s shamanistic abilities; and exploiting children on Psychic Kids “by telling them they have powers they don’t and that imaginary demons can attack him.” He has also called Coffey “a little pimple of a man” on chud.com, where he reviews video games and television shows.

But we imagine that Coffey saw all of that coming.

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