Mixed signals

“With the people who run the soup kitchen, you can really see the community helping itself and that’s what we need in this world. If you start at your home base, from there it’ll spread.”
-Dan Losier, 4th year Broadcast Journalism student discussing his film, “In Their Shoes: The Experience”

“I was looking at the children and the youth in my community—I was watching my grandchildren grow—I was looking for what was missing and that was [it] – they didn’t have music and art.”
-Gayle Myke, founder of AASK (Arts After School Kids)

“I think it’s one of the better productions on Canadian television. It’s nice to see that Canadian scenes aren’t being reconfigured as something American.”
– Jane Burnett, retired teacher and onlooker at the set of Murdoch Mysteries filming in downtown Brantford

“I see it as a good thing because they were teal and rusted to nothing, broken windows, no one even inhabiting them so I don’t see the point and what the big argument was. Harmony Square, I think, was a great thing because it completely just tipped Brantford’s downtown [towards] a better future than a worse one.
– Zach Imola, 1st year CT student and Brantford resident on the redevelopment of South Colborne

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