Who’s who at Laurier Brantford

David Prang, Director of Student Services

His job: enhancing student life at Laurier Brantford through working with faculty, staff and students.

Where he can be found: Second floor of the Student Centre.

Advice for incoming students: “Take advantage of the amazing opportunities you have to explore your interests at Laurier Brantford. The campus and academic programs combine to provide an environment like no other.”

Favourite Animal: Maggie, his Springer Spaniel (as an aside, his least favourite animal? The skunk.)

Kris Gerhardt

His Job: For the fall term, he will be researching but in the winter term it will be back to teaching within the leadership program and the psychology program.

Where he can be found: The SC Johnson building in room 104.

Advice for incoming students: “Ask questions… lots of questions. Ask questions about everything and anything. DO NOT rely on other people to ask the question for you (that usually results in silence).”

New word he’d create: “Dawntone is one that I have used for years to try and describe a sound in a song (instrument or voice) that reminds me of a perfect sunrise.”

Peter Farrugia

His job: Coordinating the programs pertaining to contemporary studies and history.

Where he can be found: BRAC, west wing, 3rd floor (as of September).

Advice for incoming students: “Take a broad range of courses (you’ll be surprised by at least one subject which interests you), and be prepared for the workload to kick in about week four.”

Favourite dance move in history: Moon walk (Michael Jackson).

Least favourite dance move in history: Moon walk (anyone else).

Sue Ferguson, Journalism Program Coordinator

Her Job: Professor and program coordinator of the Journalism program.

Where she can be found: In her office on the 2nd floor of the Odeon building.

Advice for incoming students: “Try to see university as a space for broadening your understanding of the world (and not just for getting the credentials you need to get a job – though that’s important, too.) It is one of the few extended periods in your life when you will have the time, and in fact be encouraged, to seek out different perspectives, reflect critically on what is happening around you, and speak up about whatever concerns you.”

Dream vacation spot: “A villa in Italy with a couple Manhattan jazz cups around the corner and a library with all the literary greats, past and present.”

Greg Stewart, Coordinator of Recreation and Programming

His job: Oversee the athletics, recreation and fitness programs and facilities at the Brantford campus. This includes fitness classes, summer camp, sports clubs and more. His program also hires the greatest amount of students.

Where he can be found: Year-round, Greg can be found in the Wilkes House Recreation Centre. His office is located on the bottom floor just around the corner from the Hawk Desk.

Advice for incoming students: “Get involved! Whether you reside on campus or off campus, we have many opportunities for you to consider. Our programs are a great way to stay active, get fit and meet new people.”

Academic program he’d create at Laurier Brantford if it were up to him: Either business or kinesiology.

Craig Chipps, Recruitment Officer

His Job: Craig is the first point of contact for students who are considering coming to Laurier Brantford. He visits high schools for presentations and events, organizes our two campus open house events and provides campus tours to visitors. If you’re a first year student, you’ve probably spoken with him.

Where he can be found: In the recruitment office (room 203 in the Carnegie building.)

Advice for incoming students: “Find your fit here at Laurier Brantford. A big part of finding your fit is getting involved in campus life. Residence Life, WLUSU, student publications and campus recreation are some of the big ones that you’ll hear about, but there really are endless opportunities.”

Favourite Tree: A Christmas tree, because no other tree has presents under it on a consistent basis.

Kevin Klein, External Relations Coordinator

His job: Kevin is responsible for public relations, media relations, community relations and so forth, including some special events on campus. He represents the campus to the “outside world” but also keeps current students informed with email updates.

Where he can be found: As of August 2010, his office will be on the top floor of the new SC Johnson building.

Advice for incoming students: “Get involved as much as you feel comfortable doing in your first year. I spent the majority of my first year in my apartment, playing video games (NHL ‘97 on the original Playstation) and didn’t get involved in campus. It wasn’t until the end of the year that I realized what I was missing.”

Favourite 80’s movie: Big with Tom Hanks, and as a close second, The Goonies.

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