Big things can come from small campuses

For such a small campus, Laurier Brantford offers tons of opportunities to have some ‘big’ fun. This is a great place to get a unique and competitive education and enjoy small classroom sizes, and maybe that helps explain why there is such a lively and active extra-curricular culture here. The campus really helped me grow as an individual and helped me to make the best out of my first year. In fact, by the end of the year, I didn’t want to leave.

Being involved with Laurier Brantford’s extra-curricular activities such as WLUSU (Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union), WLUSP (Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications) and residence life has not only allowed me to make good use of my free time, but it also proved to make the year fly by. As a Journalism student, my writing always needs to be of high quality, so I joined the Sputnik. By writing regularly for the newspaper, not only did my writing improve but I made a lot of friends. Also, taking an active role in WLUSU gave me a sense that I was doing something productive with my time. It helped break up the doldrum of studying sessions and attending classes.

I wasn’t always like this though. In high school, I rarely took part in after-school activities but I vowed to change that in university. So I did what anyone would do -evaluate all my opportunities and join what I felt I could dedicate quality time to. Now I think I’m all over the place and have been dubbed “Mr. University” by my friends for taking on so many commitments. Even so, I hope to do more at the campus in my years to come.

From a distance, Laurier Brantford is a speck on the map. We may not be as large as some universities, but I think we work twice as hard to make the student experience something special. But beware! By the end of your first year here, you might not want to go home either.

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