Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’: Getting over a Breakup

This album “Red” can arguably be considered the best album Taylor Swift has produced yet. Her image from the bubblegum adorable blonde in cowboy boots has definitely evolved over the last year or two and her sound and lyrics have grown with her.

Either it is the captivating lyrics or incredible marketing strategy that has made this entire album, that was released only a few weeks ago, such a hit. A couple weeks before ‘Red’ hit stores globally, Taylor Swift and her team released one song from the album virtually almost every few days. This created a huge build-up that made almost everyone including non-Taylor Swift fans fall in love with each song. First began “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, which is still a sensation to this day, then the song “Red” (which is now used to market the store Target, which is on its way to Canada). Other big hits include “Begin Again”, and “I knew you were Trouble”. The latter in fact is a new take on a T-Swift sound adding dub step and some serious bass, you can actually dance to this beat. “22” and “I Almost Do” are other popular songs on “Red”.

For those who have listened to the album or individual songs you will notice that they all have a unified theme: Getting over a Breakup. It is not a surprise that T-Swift usually, if not always, sings about the boy who has either captured or stomped on her heart. But these songs either are about how hurt she is or was, her trying to get over you or her almost giving in to going back with the guy and or how she knew that certain boy was ‘some kind of trouble.’

As for me, I have always liked Taylor Swift, but I personally would say this is my favourite record of them all. I find it hard to actually force myself to go out and buy an album these days unless I love virtually every song, and “Red” is definitely one that I will buy. No matter who is listening to it: girls, guys, children, teenagers or adults, we all mostly relate to her music and lyrics in some way. There is always that one person we think of when listening to her songs, so for that reason in addition to how every track is becoming increasingly popular I would recommend picking Taylor Swift’s “Red” today.

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