Student-athlete spotlight: Jackson Rice

Serena Anagbe / Photo Editor
Jackson Rice, fourth-year DMJ student and cross-country runner.

Heading into his fourth year in digital media and journalism, Jackson Rice hopes to wrap up his cross-country career with a team championship and leave his mark on Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford in a positive way. 

After a strong high school career running cross-country, Laurier alumna and current Coach Kara Hughes suggested that Rice join Laurier’s cross-country team. He joined the team and made a strong impact right away. 

Rice was a top-50 finisher in Canada during his rookie season, which was something he did not expect to do so soon.  

“I had goals set out during my rookie season,” he said. “I did not expect to hit them right away.”  

Along with that top-50 finish during his rookie year, Rice has accumulated a strong list of achievements in his cross-country career at Laurier Brantford. Rice has won a Rookie of the Year and two MVPs for the men’s team, while being a two-time nationalist.  

Despite his long list of accomplishments so far, Rice’s goals remain high.  

“One goal of mine has always been to be an OCAA all-star…this is my best chance yet,” he said. “We have a strong team this year and we hope to earn a team medal.” 

Even with all of his terrific achievements so far, Rice has had plenty of adversity to overcome in his career.  

“In my rookie season, I dealt with plenty of injuries…I wish I had done more research and taken care of my body a little better,” said Rice. “I dealt with shin splints, running on concrete will do that to almost anyone.” 

Rice never stopped running, however, and continued to persevere and overcome any challenges in his career. 

The runner gives a lot of credit to Hughes and cross-country head coach Cory Currie, who have not only helped him grow as a runner but also as a person. He also gives credit to his parents, who have supported him continuously throughout his life and career. 

With his cross-country career nearing an end at Laurier Brantford, Rice hopes to leave his mark on the school in a positive way.  

“Obviously, I want to be remembered as a runner,” he said, “but also as a strong role model for other runners and people who want to join athletics.” 

Rice also hopes to help coach and promote school athletics even after his graduation. 

With the current cross-country season now underway, Rice and the rest of the team look to continue representing Laurier with pride. 

This article was originally published in print Volume 23, Issue 2 on Thursday, Oct. 5.

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