Procrastinate and you will pay

Procrastination is my greatest vice. I love getting by. I hate advice. Some of our most genuine inspiration comes from the fire. The fire being a burning sensation from under your ass the night or two before your term papers are due. Even now as I write this article I’m pushing the boundaries of my deadline. What you call irresponsibility I call resistance training for your mind. That is, if you’re resisting the urge to cry and smash your laptop in a fit of rage while trying to get some work done, you’re probably doing something right. So I humbly present to you the art of bullshit and procrastination.

Consider the fact that eighty to ninety-five percent of college students procrastinate, according to Actually, according to there are two types of procrastinators; Those who can’t help put off their work to the last minute, and those who actually enjoy the pressure of getting something done quickly and right. If you know you’re going to procrastinate you might as well try to achieve something constructive doing so. defines a professional procrastinator as someone charging an hourly rate to complete your work while leaving it to the last possible moment. Thus, they’re milking you for every last dime.

I won’t try to convince you you’re going to accomplish anything worthwhile sitting at your desk telling yourself “one more episode.” Take for example the student housing business. More power to you if you’re the busy body settled into your housing accommodations four months before Sept. starts. However, if you’re putting off the move, you’ll be able to take advantage of desperate landlords looking to fill rooms by offering low prices on short leases.

Actually, I’m not advocating for procrastination at all, or any of my other vices for that matter. I’m just saying don’t hate yourself for doing it if you know you do. For those of you ready to kick the habit, offers some helpful tips to get the lazy monkey off your back, most of which include learning how to organize your life. The point being, if it’s been four years and you still haven’t learned to mark important dates and times on your calendar then there is no wonder why you procrastinate. Remember folks, there is no right way of doing anything as long as you pass. Happy studying and don’t work too hard.

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