Local travel spot suggestions for National Take a Field Trip Month


As October is “National Take a Field Trip Month”, it is a marvellous time to get outside and enjoy the fast-approaching autumn weather. Here are some pandemic adaptable, safe, and enjoyable local travel spots for you to temporarily get your mind off of impending midterms and deadlines. 


The Bell Homestead National Historic Site located on 94 Tutela Heights Road in Brantford was the home of Alexander Graham Bell. The four hectare property also allows guests through Melville House, which is now a museum. The large two story, ten room wooden farmhouse opened its doors to the public in October of 1910. On-site is also Henderson House, which was once home to the business office of Canada’s first telephone company. 


The Glenhyrst Art Gallery is a staple of the city’s art galleries and displays, which is located near a gorgeous park on the banks of the Grand River. The gallery has six hundred works of art in its collection. The Robinson Fine Arts Gallery, also located in Brantford, is a beautiful option for private art viewing and purchases. 


The Brant Park Conservation Area on 119 Jennings Road offers wonderful camping spots nestled in a curve of the Grand River. It is perfect for its secluded fishing, hiking or swimming areas. The conservation area hosts over four hundred camping sites. There is also a trail that runs along the river that is great for hiking and cycling.


Are animals more your speed? The Twin Valley Zoo offers bears, deer, fox, kangaroos, lions, tigers, peacocks, wolves, flamingos, and zebras. The property, which is stretched across 10 hectares just east of the city, allows guests to learn all about each animal living here, and you may even get the chance to pet some of the animals.


The Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts is located right in the heart of the city. The theatre first opened its doors in 1919 as a silent movie house. The city purchased it and transformed it into a performing arts centre in 1986. It offers theatre performances and concerts by local artists, such as the Brantford Symphony Orchestra.


The fourteen kilometre SC Johnson Trail runs between Brantford and Paris. It presents trail goers with scenic views and lovely scenery. The trail starts where River Road becomes Eagle Avenue just south of the city centre, on the east side of the river.


Or you could also start at Wilkes Dam, where you can station your car in the adjoining parking lot. The trail can also be accessed at Kraemer’s Way, which is the halfway point. The trail is connected to many other trails both within the city and outside of it. It offers hiking and cycling all year, as well as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter months.

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