Letter from the Editor: The end of one journey begins another

After four years, my journey with The Sputnik and Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications has come to an end. Four years that have been filled with bright fluorescent lights, the dull drone of the printer (most of the time) acting up, the smell of coffee and fast food, and far too much time spent warming my hands and drying my socks with a small space heater in the dead of winter.Despite the journalistic training I have received during my time at Laurier, I am having a hard time finding the words that will summarize the time I have spent in GRH 202 – my home away from home. I have learned so much from the people here at WLUSP, and I have had the opportunity to travel across Canada thanks to this amazing organization.

It is hard to believe that four years ago I had applied at The Sputnik, awaiting a call back for an interview and nervously picking out my most professional-looking outfit from my closet. Now, I am saying goodbye to all of the volunteers and senior staff that I have had the opportunity to work with over these four years.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Nathanael Lewis, for taking my jokes with relative stride and for helping me put together this monster every two weeks. Taylor Berzins, for your amazing reporting skills and hysterically sarcastic sense of humour. Josh Adesina, for taking over the On Campus section and making it one of the best I’ve seen in my years here. Karly Rath, for being my best buddy and an admirable writer. Dillon Giancola, for your tendency to argue with me about literally anything but we still end up laughing about it. Kyle Morrison, for not get annoyed with me when I don’t understand how to write out sports terminology. Brittany Bennett, for your unwavering help and dedication to putting out a great section. I’d also like to thank Cody Hoffman, Neha Sekhon, and Dylan Kellendonk, for your dedication for making our paper look beautiful through photos, art, and online.

My journey with The Sputnik has been long, rewarding, fun, and memorable. I have learned so many skills that I will be using after university, and I wouldn’t trade my experience with the world.

After all is said and done, I hope I have done The Sputnik proud.

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